Rivertown Brewing Company

Lambic 2015

Sour buttermilk, boiled potato, clotted cream, crimini mushroom and Parmesan herald a funky-earthy scent made pleasant by maple sap, pickled peach, underripe apricot, and coriander. Apple cider vinegar bursts into the palate with wincing alacrity, which, with goat cheese becomes a bright tangerine and near-ripe apricot. Still has a pickled note. Pickled yellow pepper, onion, red bell and general chow chow diciness, as well as a sauerkraut and sweet mustard combo. Razzy, jazzy and bracing. Stellar example of the lambic style. .
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— 7 months ago

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Heavy Seas Beer

Plank IV

Grainy date and fig with malty caramel, hot cocoa with cinnamon and dark honey, anise and dark cacao, bitter coffee foam, and copper aromas. Malty entry with rich gingerbread and black sugar. Citrus chocolate interplay, boasting orange peel and candied lemon but shadowed by sarsaparilla and cola, black bread, allspice and pecan with black strap molasses. #barrelaged #4wood #heavyseas #unchartedwaters #plankIV #beer #quads #belgianquad #belgianstyle #oakaged #abv #quadrupel #2016 — 2 years ago

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Orange Belt Brewing

Together For Togetherness

Crisp, white, young apricot, Saigon cinnamon nougat, smells foamy, or 'creamy' as Nate notes. Creaminess persists on palatial entry, vanilla, with a clove and apricot undertone. Phenomenal!!!! #sourbeer #sourale #barrelaged #barrelbeer #dankbeer — 3 years ago

Lexington Brewing Co.

Kentucky Pumpkin Barrel Ale

I believe this lady has a year under her lengthy belt, comes off like hot honey, dropping a fair amount of lacing right down to its wooden floor of unmistakable oak. There is a musty funk beneath the perfume of biscuit and marmalade, but nothing unpleasant, just sensual and inviting you to steal a little kiss. Candied grapefruit and caramel cremes undoubtably led to her ample bounties. Soda bread, brioche and madeleines at midday.cream soda and cinnamon toothpicks poked into bourbon candy. Pumpkin pie for desert, but the thinnest slice smothered in whipped cream. The other ratings led me to believe that she chews with her mouth open, but this belle has been to finishing school, and graduated with honors. A little more of her, and it's bedtime. Lights out at 10%. #kentucky #kentuckypumpkinbarrelale #barrelaged #pumpkinbeer — 5 years ago


KBS Chocolate Coffee Stout

Hard pour if you’ve a desire to to see a head of coffee foam in dark cappuccino. It loiters a little with unctuous lacing that stick in place in globules, sporadically spaced. Dark chocolate scented, where brew, and coffee bean mix with toffee and sweet cedar, vanilla bean and nougat. Chocolate-pecan-caramel turtles amp up with mocha and espresso, a tiny pinch of black pepper, dark tobaccos, bakers chocolate, and brown sugar coated malt chocolate. Sweet initially, then revelatory as it sorts its relationships, then bitter, with pine, acanthus, chicory, walnut and pecan shell. Warm, rich, and covered in monster muck. Like a cigar smoke filled station wagon driven by a dark chocolate Santa after an Italian truck stop espresso run being slowly pulled into a tar pit. One for the ages. Happy holidays, ya filthy animals!
. .
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— 8 months ago

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Sharon B

Sharon B

Nice picture too!
Andrew Schirmer

Andrew Schirmer

Love this beer. Glad they have distro in the PNW now.

Oskar Blues

Ten Fidy Imperial Stout

Big, frothy, malt ball-shag carpet that hangs around like brocade. Impenetrable by light. Milk and dark chocolates vie with coffee rye, cedar and a bit of black pepper esters. Oak and tar suggest ship seams, and there is an oceanic depth, a coffee reduction, fantastically creamy with a deep caramel core. Bakers chocolate with espresso beans, coffee liqueur and burnt black currant. #oskarblues #tenfidy #imperialstout #stout #barrelaged #abv #dankbeer #darkbeer #imperial — 2 years ago

Alltech Lexington Brewing And Distilling

Kentucky Rye Barrel IPA

Sliced ham and sea sponges, an apple sweetness, car leather, mussel shell, feet. That is the network of olfactory disparity that simultaneously confuses and entices. The beer drops hard, green pine cones on the tongue and rooftop. Liquid toast with touches of candied violet, rum cake and sweet tobacco. Rough entry and refined exit. Overall, a very interesting beer. #barrelbeer #ipa #barrelaged #rye — 5 years ago

Sixpoint Brewery

Barrel Aged Righteous Ale

Solid crown just off-white and slow to dissipate. Caramel and vanilla scrawled on oak, rubber band and pencil with golden apple and just a dusting of cinnamon. Tropical notes of dried pineapple, lemon cookie, peach skin, mocha and ripe butternut. Creamy, and initially caramel, but descends to tamarind, ginger, bitter orange, star anise, dark toasted oak, cinnamon bark, lemon zest, and finally rounds out to vanilla bean. Sublime walk through a jungle at sunset, ripe, pungent, seductive and still plenty of machete fodder. #sixpoint #righteousale #brooklyn #rye #barrelaged #ale #beer #dankbeer #doublewood #doublebarrel #righteous — 2 years ago

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James Forsyth

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Wonderful taking note. Just nailed it.


Doom Imperial India Pale Ale

Off-white cumulous clouds top a cloudy, nearly opaque cistern of Rich Amber. The lacing menaces like zombie fingers before succumbing to the murky cauldron; sparse bubble implore like confused eyes, disembodied. Tropical notes of rum cake and pineapple-banana cream with a suggestion of cocoanut turn cedar and apricot and lemon breads. Vanilla marks the creamy entry with almond and nougat, that turns bourbon ball quickly leaving you with fire and smoke and lemon tea. Whiskey and lemon become pronounced upon the contemplative conclusion! Like being hugged to death by a baby balrog! #founders #barrelaged #bourbonbarrelaged #beer #dankbeer #imperialipa #ipa #imperial #ale #foundersbrewing #doom ## — 2 years ago

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Founders Brewing Company

Curmudgeon Old Ale

The swamp smoke rose from the bottleneck as a stew of sediment was revealed through the phone light. Tea biscuit and ginger snap with molasses,burnt caramel and peanut brittle are conjured in turn, with coffee cake loaded with walnut. The palate invites with a yielding smoothness and teetering, sweet fig and date, but behind it, tea tree oils, resinous paper, dark tobaccos half-smoked, copper coins, fruit cake, struck flint, burnt corn tortilla, charcoal dust, and a slow-smoldering engine smoke. He's a dirty old machine, but soft in the middle with nougat and an espresso-chocolate cream that borders on coconuts. After a drag through the scrub, we arrive in a grove of sweet fruits. Duplicitously integrated. #Founders #stout #barrelaged — 3 years ago