Dogfish Head Brewery

20 Higher Math

This is my 2 year-old liquid figgy pudding. So bring it right now! Just a wisp of hair ringing this big baby’s noggin. Blonde brownie with candied black cherry, banana bread and raspberry truffle aromas. Big, rich mouthfeel stuns the tongue with tart cherry, beet juice, brown sugar, grainy Mexican cocoa, black dates, figs, black raisins, cinnamon, vanilla, licorice, chicory, Turkish candies, treacle, and chocolate mint. Quaffable at this stage and well-integrated. Great for bitter cold South Florida weather. You can sense the beast that lurks in its shadow, but the sweet, rich facade pulls you in with its cozy embrace. #fuzzyeyes #abv #dogfishhead #highermath #chocolatebeer #sour #17percentalcoholOMG #big #dankdark #dankbeer #holycrap #chocolateandcherry #Ween #brown #candy — a month ago

Boulevard Brewing Company

Love Child No. 5 Sour Ale

Oceanic agar suspends a muted, pickled peach and matches with fruit bat guano, pine chips, coffee, cardamom and white pepper aromas. Underripe bing cherries, toasty apricot, clove, scorched lemon, blood orange, underripe tangerine, grapefruit and kumquat: a particularly sour, yellow one. Decidedly different than the one I had last year; better perhaps! #boulevardbrewing #sourale #sourbeer #sourbeers #lovechild #numberfive #dankbeer — 7 months ago

5 Rabbit Cerveceria

Gran Missionario Double Wheat Beer

Apple, pineapple, mango chutney, cloved oranges, lemon oil, orange cola in the schnozzola, lighter on the palate though, supple and round, the figs just a veil. Fungal earth that shows off the underbelly. #5rabbits #wheatbeer #dankbeer — 3 years ago

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Grassroots Brewing

Brother Soigné

Brett is informing a ridiculously clean pickled apricot that is ethereal at best. But what an entry!l. Like basil in a box on a rainy day. Puzzle pieces. The palate pushes back with immediacy! Lemon grass. Lemon peel, jalapeño jellybean, pepper overwhelming orange, micro-orange, teardrop tomato, creamy pine with a fleur de sel touch. Indelible as a profound thought! #funkytown #bretty #brettomyces #farmstead #lime #dankbeer — 7 months ago

Orange Belt Brewing

Together For Togetherness

Crisp, white, young apricot, Saigon cinnamon nougat, smells foamy, or 'creamy' as Nate notes. Creaminess persists on palatial entry, vanilla, with a clove and apricot undertone. Phenomenal!!!! #sourbeer #sourale #barrelaged #barrelbeer #dankbeer — 7 months ago