Guinness Ltd.

Guinness Foreign Extra Stout

So very class! Black as space, with a nebula of chestnut. Rides high, but dismounts to palomino stars and bubble islands. Swirl it and it stacks right back up! Witchy runes and dismembered arms clutching axes narrate the lacing. Pecan and hazelnut, charred caramel, bitter chocolate and black bread with burnt caraway and salted licorice! That’s just the nose. Medium mouthfeel drops pure dark chocolate to coat the tongue, blackened brittle, a treacle touch that hardens like toffee over rye. Fine coffee, black, but home from the pub smelling of vanilla, a bitter bout with chit and chicory, but nutty like baked walnut atop a brownie. Delicious stuff! Glad I revisited! Just the balm to soothe a weathered soul in a time of crisis. Cheers!
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Oskar Blues

Ten Fidy Imperial Stout

Big, frothy, malt ball-shag carpet that hangs around like brocade. Impenetrable by light. Milk and dark chocolates vie with coffee rye, cedar and a bit of black pepper esters. Oak and tar suggest ship seams, and there is an oceanic depth, a coffee reduction, fantastically creamy with a deep caramel core. Bakers chocolate with espresso beans, coffee liqueur and burnt black currant. #oskarblues #tenfidy #imperialstout #stout #barrelaged #abv #dankbeer #darkbeer #imperial — 3 years ago

Brouwerij Van den Bossche

Brouwerij Van Den Bossche Buffalo Belgian Stout

Waxy chocolate, light vanilla, judicious banyan lacing, wood ear mushroom, old tobacco in the eyes and nose. Bitter plum, caramelized gourd, instant coffee, mocha-raisin, sweet vanilla, coffee crumble, a lime twist, pine bark, tea biscuit, and semi-burnt brown sugar to ride it all out. The sum of its parts smacks of cookies dipped in coffee, but there is a lean streak that somehow auto tunes the malty beast’s braying into a simpler tasty beverage. The iced coffee of stouts. #belgian #belgium #BuffaloBelgianStour #abv #stout #maltyballs #darkbeer #dankbeer #bier #biere #beer #beerbeerbeer #buckingbeer #stoutstoutstoutitonout — 3 years ago

Hinterland Brewery

Lunatic Imperial Stout

Coffee and cream crown that dissipates atop a solid black monolith. Roasted chicory coffee, grill char, blackened fennel, rum pudding, and molasses. Flat and hard hitting with coffee and burnt fig, nutmeg, cinnamon, bitter chocolate, tar, poppyseed and valerian root. Lots of nuts here, betel, coffee, black walnut, burnt pecan. This Lunatic is nutty as a squirrel cage!#lunatic #hinterland #imperialstout #stout #beer #darkbeer #dankbeer #oakaged — 3 years ago

Bell's Brewery

Bell's Porter American Porter

Dark coffee-cola color with a cappuccino cream head that dissipates to petri sample rapidly. Rich coffee nose with nibs of mocha and cypress. Well-balanced mouthfeel that surpasses the lighter cola and encompasses a heavier malt beverage texture. There is a racy volatility as it spritzes easily but with a fine, creamy texture. Bakers chocolate, dark toast, hazelnut, maplewood and bitter almond with vanilla bean and burnt caramel. Tasty session porter! Bell's seldom disappoints. #porter #bellsbrewery #beer #darkbeer — 4 years ago

Stone Brewing Co.

Stone Americano Stout

Big head of coffee foam crackles crisply changing to lighter tan as it drops to thinly reveal the black liquids below. Fun lacing of rings and loch monsters inform the ring. Delicious dark roasted aromas and something bordering on malted marshmallow. Chocolate truffle cross-sections follow. Arabica-dabra! Lovely mouthfeel with a mocha coating turns bitter in the best of ways. This is round two for this stout, and it only seems to get better! Cedar Sumatran tobacco, roasted pine nuts, toffee, leather, vanilla, and heavy espresso notes coax one into basalt with their black arts! Forest floor of mushroom and softening bark. #stonebrewery #americanostout #stout #imperialstout #beer #darkbeer #coffeestout #stoustoutstoutitallout #beers #isanybodystoutthere #oakaged — 3 years ago

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Probably the best beer review I've ever read. 🍺

Clown Shoes

Hammer of the Beast Imperial Stout and Barleywine Ale

Minuscule head pools in bubbles to the side like a stagnant river then reveals a spider-eyed were-jaguar, before a Turin shroud emerges against the blackest, hopeless night. Oh crap! Did I just unleash barleywine? Well it is cold as the ice king! Magnificence of aroma with basalt, crystalline vanilla, resinous myrrh, and rich dark chocolate! Cedar, tar, burnt vanilla, nutmeg, fennel, licorice and burnt brownie. Awesome! Truly a harbinger of spirit life and neutron star collision! #clownshoes #hammerofthebeast #barleywine #imperialstout #stout #beerpocalypse #dankbeer #darkbeer #beast #beastmode — 3 years ago