Guinness Ltd.

Guinness Foreign Extra Stout

So very class! Black as space, with a nebula of chestnut. Rides high, but dismounts to palomino stars and bubble islands. Swirl it and it stacks right back up! Witchy runes and dismembered arms clutching axes narrate the lacing. Pecan and hazelnut, charred caramel, bitter chocolate and black bread with burnt caraway and salted licorice! That’s just the nose. Medium mouthfeel drops pure dark chocolate to coat the tongue, blackened brittle, a treacle touch that hardens like toffee over rye. Fine coffee, black, but home from the pub smelling of vanilla, a bitter bout with chit and chicory, but nutty like baked walnut atop a brownie. Delicious stuff! Glad I revisited! Just the balm to soothe a weathered soul in a time of crisis. Cheers!
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— 10 months ago

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