Skin Contact

William Heritage

Skin Contact Chardonnay Musqué

Apricot, orange peel. Zippy acidity. When eating with Brie it’s dangerously drinkable — 13 days ago

Save Our Souls

“Skin on Skin” Chardonnay

Lord have mercy! Wine is generous, tasty and complex, backbone acid is electric ⚡️ #soswines #morningtonpeninsula #skincontactchardonnay — a month ago

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Enderle & Moll

Müller Thurgau 2018

Wow... cult Müller-Thurgau with skin contact? Amazing. — 20 days ago

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Scout Vineyard

Skin Contact Riesling, et al

Joel F

Yes. Grapefruit, lemon & hazelnut, herbaceous aroma.

Light, smooth, bit of green pepper, but fruit punch supreme.

Crushable to no end.
— 12 days ago

I. Brand & Family

Eden Rift Vineyard Pinot Gris 2019

Skin contact. Slight hint of fruit. Dry and delicious. — 3 days ago

Casa Balaguer

Salicornio Moscatel

Skin contact as it should be 👌 — a day ago

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Forlorn Hope

Gemischter Satz White Blend

Delicious skin-contact white blend! A liiiittle bit of funk 😉 — 14 days ago

Danny Gone
with Danny
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Jumpin' Juice (Patrick Sullivan)

Haggis Skin Contact White Blend

Coffee, beeswax, leatherwood honey. Zip. — 14 days ago

Bloomer Creek Vineyard

Skin Fermented Pet Nat Gewürztraminer 2019

Roses. I missed this bouquet note in my first bottle, but this feels like a rose petal avalanche. Leafy greens of peppery kale and candied apricots and sweet sweet plums.

Oh man, feels like the sun gods pouring a life giving nectar from the skies. Nectarines and citrus notes blend seamlessly with a wave of sage, coated between murmurations of, again, rose.

Wonderfully bubbly. Wonderfully delicious. A favorite this summer.

Thanks for the friends and fam discount, Bloomer Creek!
— 10 days ago

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Eric S

Eric S Premium Badge

Sounds awesome. Where’d you get this?
S.S. Mandani

S.S. Mandani

@Eric S A few of the local wine shops in New York like Astor Wine and Some Good Wine carry select Bloomer Creek offerings in their New York section. I tried a skin contact Riesling from them once and fell in love, so contacted the producer directly and ordered a dozen of their bottles mixing and matching to try their summer line. This is by far the standout!

Bloomer Creek Vineyard

Tanzen Dame Riesling 2019

Skin contact Riesling from a favorite producer, sushi, all the sushi, and poker with the guys. This is heaven incarnate.

I’ll see ya on the other side.
— 15 days ago

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