Scarpa (Antica Casa Vinicola Scarpa)

Briccorosa Rouchet Monferrato Rosso Ruche 2014

A bright, fun + festive wine from one of Piemonte’s unicorn varieties, made in an unexpectedly elegant style. Smells like cinnamon + berries. Tastes like Nebbiolo on spring break. Drinks like silk. — a day ago

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Azienda Agricola Elvio Cogno

Pre-Phylloxera Barbera d'Alba 2017

Bit of a unicorn 🦄. Pre-Phylloxera vines from 1902! The nose is like smelling a bowl of fresh raspberries. Ridiculously dense and chewy on the palate with black raspberries and raspberry coulis giving way to cracked granite, limestone, dry earth and savory herbs. Nice grip. This needed about an hour decant to really show. — 3 months ago

Diana L
with Diana
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Thierry Allemand

Reynard Cornas Syrah

Very reticent nose. Majestic tannins. Layer upon layer of fruit, spice, meat, minerals. Dense and demanding. Pure and profound. A unicorn that deserves its wings. — 4 months ago

Venge Vineyards

Bone Ash Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon 2014

Ron R

Anne-Marie’s 1K tasting on Delectable, so we decided to push the boat out with Venge.
It was also her birthday, and my daughter and her fiancé gifted her these cute unicorn slippers!
The wine is clean, precise and multi-layered. Roasted black fruits give way to graphite and soft brown sugar. The finish extends and expands on the palate. This is a beauty of a cab.
— a month ago

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Sharon B

Sharon B

Wow 1000!! Cheers!
Peter Zandbergen

Peter Zandbergen

@Ron R Mystery.... When I look at Anne-Marie's profile, I see 999 wines. Must be Android version. Anyway, for is Android guys out there, let's celebrate with another fine wine to reach the magical #1000 :)
Ron R

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@Peter Zandbergen, I saw the same 999 number from my portal. I think the DL database has more than one instance, and they are not synchronized regularly. Just a thought.

Feudi di San Gregorio

Campania Falanghina 2017

So before the following I am gonna tell you how well this pairs with southwest salad and potatoes that have had some Funtime in hot oil. It isn’t quite a unicorn but at least a mermaid wine. It can sing and swim. Maybe it has legs AND fins—take that Ariel deniers. Anyway. Should I be proper? On the nose a lot of salt and baked stone fruit and apple juice. On the palate a body not quite voluptuous but not quite not. Lemons (baked stewed raw and candied) and hint of salad green barely ripe peach medium plus acid. Alcohol I am guessing is...12.5. Maybe 13 but...checked label it says it is 13. Snazzy. This wine is good with the slightly spicy southwest flavors but also chill with salad so that’s cool. I also served this at thanksgiving earlier this year because it can be friends with most dishes. Falanghina does a great service to food. — 4 months ago

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Ellen Clifford

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It’s SO fun
MaJ CappS

MaJ CappS Influencer Badge

Love this producer! Snazzy indeed.
Ellen Clifford

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@MaJ CappS YAS! They are so good

Shaw and Smith

Adelaide Hills Merlot 1999

En magnum. A unicorn to celebrate the 30th Vintage of Shaw + Smith. Humbled to be apart of history in the making. — a month ago

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Domaine François Cotat

Chavignol Sancerre Pinot Noir 2013

Timothy Eustis

Very nice. The unicorn - ness of this is lost on me. But it has its own charm. Minerals galore. — 3 months ago

Lander Jenkins

California Cabernet Sauvignon

Honestly for a $13 bottle of Cabernet it’s pretty good. Easy drinking, was very good with the bolognese we ate. It’s kind of a unicorn surprise. — 3 months ago

DeLille Cellars

Chaleur Estate Sémillon-Sauvignon Blanc Blend 2016

Nice silky feel, not to fruity or buttery, touch of pucker in the end, with just a hint of unicorn. — 4 months ago