Domaine Vincent Dureuil

Maizières Rully Chardonnay 2014

A unicorn. Inexpensive and delicious white Burgundy. Crisp and tart Granny Smith apples, savory pears, creamy malo and even some deep round caramely flavors at the end of the palate. And it's a long finish. What separates this bottle from those made just 10km North? Not much, maybe a bit shy on complexity and unquestionably less ageworthy. But a bottle like this when you can find it really makes you question spending $150+ on cru-level Cote d'Or. — 13 days ago

Mauricio Lorca

Reserva Gran Lorca Poético Mendoza Malbec Blend 2007

Wow. So different. Can't figure out the descriptors because this is so left field. Nonetheless it's amazing. It's apparently a unicorn around here, was the last one available in the province. Ten years old. Beast. #messi — 2 months ago

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Domaine Belluard

Terroir du Mont-Blanc Mondeuse 2015

One of the greatest bargains of the wine world, too bad this is also an unicorn... — 22 days ago

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Domaine Alain Michelot

En La Perrière Noblot Monopole Nuits-Saint-Georges 1er Cru Chardonnay 2012

@James Forsyth - This is a white Burgundy (Chardonnay) not Pinot Noir. A unicorn white from NSG. Plenty of spicy, oaky detail in contrast with a tense acidic structure. Very cool to have tried this. A unique and delicious wine. — 2 months ago

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Sarah O'Kelley

Sarah O'Kelley


Château Petit-Gravet

Saint-Emilion Grand Cru Red Bordeaux Blend 2010

A monster unicorn wine that's hard to find even in France.....it's literally 200 meters down the street from Ausone....wish I bought more — 3 months ago

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Ferme de la Sansonnière (Mark Angeli)

Rosé d'un Jour Vin de Table Français Cabernet Franc 2016

Seth Morgen Long

Unicorn Tears for Dessert 11% +60g RS — 3 months ago

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Domaine Vecchio

Beau Tri Tys 2014

Sardinian oddity, very rare desert unicorn. — a month ago

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North Coast Poulsard 2016

Pedro Rusk

Unicorn don't even ask it's not around — 2 months ago

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Raja Harb

Raja Harb Premium Badge

Heard of this when I visited them in June but this is the first I've seen it in the wild


Paso Robles Merlot 2010

Eric S

Fu&k me. Recommendation from the Paso wine shop my wife found. Leather, prunes, ripe blackberries, wildflowers, baking spice, molasses, and a drop of cranberry. Never heard of the producer so I don't know if this is a unicorn or standard fare. Home run. — 3 months ago

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Well sir!!!!