3 Stars Brewing Company

Sabertooth Unicorn

Greg Ballington

A little cloudy and orangey yellow in appearance. Bright and lovely nose full of honeyed fruits and white flowers. A touch tart too. Medium bodied with a layered palate of honey, cantaloupe, and some red berries. Long finish. — 2 months ago

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@Greg Ballington Cheers 🍻

Floodland Brewing

MMXVII Cabernet Franc Ale Fermented In Oak 2017

Ditto. Unicorn Beer #2. — 2 months ago

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Domaine Prieuré Roch

Le Cloud Chardonnay 2014

Northern Beaune Chardonnay rose! So interesting wine from PR that probably doesn't make economic sense lol. Creamy from the skin and no oak, unicorn wine, light acid. 🦄 — a month ago


Napoleon Armagnac 1815

jesus g

This is the oldest liquid I’ve ever had the honor to enjoy, from 1815. Made in honor of Napoleon Bonaparte who passed away 6 years after it’s production. It was so oxidized it wasn’t brown at all. More of this olive-green color to it, and very clean on the pallet. I’ll never forget this. All these unicorn wines were shared with us from Mr. George Dos Santos personal cellar in Lyon. His shop is called Antic Wines — 23 days ago

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Ron R

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Were you able to keep the empty bottle???
jesus g

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Nah man. He wouldn’t let me take it. The metals on the bottle are pretty valuable i guess

Domaine Migot

Méthode Traditionelle Brut Sparkling Blend

A sparkler from Lorraine, & a bit of unicorn. Made from Gamay, & full of personality & body-comes round in the mid palate so can match some food. Still clean though & fine mousse. Served at dinner party & turned a few heads. And crazy reasonably priced. — 2 months ago

Paul LafortezzaOwen Mazon
with Paul and Owen
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Booker's (Jim Beam)

30th Anniversary Limited Edition Small Batch Bourbon Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Wow - this is a Unicorn 🦄 Bourbon 🥃! Notes of cinnamon and cloves. Spice and Carmel just the right amount of heat! If you can get your hands on this, get it!! — 23 days ago

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That is an unicorn 🦄


Cabernet Sauvignon 1970

1st wine in the aged Cab flight and what a treat. Santa Clara history and a true Unicorn courtesy of @Matthew Beckman. Gorgeous nose. Our expectations may have been just a bit too high based on its reputation, but I thought it was lovely and a brilliant start to the red flight. As the label says “GW means Good Wine.” — a month ago

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Michael Meyer

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@Steve Anderson this was a 1970 vintage
Steve Anderson

Steve Anderson

@Michael Meyer - yes,delectable initially picked up the Woodside based on the pic. I changed it to the Gemello, but didn’t change the vintage. .Thanks!

Carruth Cellars

Willamette Valley Pinot Blanc 2015

Unicorn Oregon wine on the label! If nothing else. It is very mellow notes of unripe white nectarine and chamomile. It is brisk but also full. That’s a fast running chubby unicorn. Which is inspiring and endearing as is Carruth. Taste the rainbow but like literally. — 2 months ago

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🦄 awesome label!