Russian River Brewing Company

Happy Hops IPA

Can beer get any better? I guess I’ll try another and see. — 21 days ago


9 Hop Kent Pale Ale

Grassy, refreshing hoppy smell, smooth taste of lemony hops with slight citrusy sweet aftertaste. — 25 days ago

Other Half Brewing Co.

Enhance Your Mind Imperial India Pale Ale

Enhance Your Mind by Other Half Brewing Co. is a triple IPA with an array of hops: Mosaic, Citra, Simcoe, Motueka, Citra Cryo and Simcoe Cryo. Tastes very balanced for a 10% beer. Citrus, grapefruit, a little pine. Very smooth texture. Elegant finish. Other Half really excels at this style. — a month ago

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Other Half Brewing Co.

Forever Simcoe Double Dry Hopped Imperial India Pale Ale

The Forever Simcoe from Other half is a terrific DDHIIPA... the definitions get longer and longer. Drier than most beers from this brewery with good purity of hops. Floral and focused, rather than wildly juicy. Really good. 8.5% ABV. — a month ago

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@James Forsyth James Cheers 🍻

Nippon Craft Beer Co

Kagua Blanc Belgian Strong Pale Ale

Ron R

Boys nite out. This just blew me away. Clean, lifted notes of yuzu and smooth hops. Impeccable! — 17 days ago

Mo Salem
with Mo
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Ron R

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Boys, this was the shizzle, as Snoop would say 🙂 I’m trying to locate it, too 🏃🏾
Ryan Vento

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Looks like the Total Wine in Sacramento has it 😂🤷🏻‍♂️
Ron R

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Let me hop on the next flight and scoop em up 🙂 🍺

Far West Cider Company

OB Amarillo Californian CIder with Hops 2019


Crisp apple pie with a subtle hoppy bite. — a month ago

J.M. Labruyere

Prologue Propriétaire de Vignes Grand Cru Champagne Blend

The 17th century saw an explosion of beverage options in Europe. Spirits were coming into their own, flavoring with hops was finally the standard for beer, and chocolate, coffee, and tea began flowing from overseas. Wine was no longer the only kid on the block, and had to offer something new to stay on top.

Sparkles in wine due to second fermentations were nothing new, but it was the leap in English glassmaking technology in the 1620s with coal-firing that allowed them to be harnessed. No longer would there be constant risk of bottles exploding from pressure, and bubbles came ever more into vogue - much to the chagrin of the great advocates of still blanc de noirs Champagne, Dom Perignon and the Marquis de Saint-Evremond. But there was no holding back the tide, and by the end of the century sparkling Champagne was the drink of choice for high courts across Europe.

(This is adapted from notes for Le Dû’s Wines ‘History of Wine 1453AD-Present’ seminar, where this wine was poured.)
— a month ago

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Abbeye de Leffe

Royale Whitbread Godling Ale

Polite attempt foramild IPA like belgian blonde. Maybe a bit too shh on the hops. — 23 days ago

Foreign Objects Beer Company

Saturn in Scorpio

Foreign Objects Brewing Company “Saturn in Scorpio” New American Hoppy Ale. 7.5% ABV

Good initial bite of hops finishes smoother with hints of citrus. Nice beer to drink at the end of the day while grumbling about work with the spouse. Lol
— 12 days ago

Other Half Brewing Co.

Double Mosaic Daydream Imperial Oat Cream India Pale Ale

Double Dry Hopped Double Mosaic Daydream by Other Half Brewing Co. is a double dry-hopped oat imperial IPA with Mosaic hops, lactose and oats. Super smooth and a touch creamy. Orange peel, mango, kiwi freshness. Sustains nicely. Am impressive beer from Other Half. — 2 months ago

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@James Forsyth Cheers 🍻
James Forsyth

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Thanks @P A - btw planning a trip to Canada next year. Niagara > Toronto > Ottawa > Montreal. I'll finally get to try some Canadian Craft Beers.

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@James Forsyth James it will be a great trip see if you can get some BC craft beers 🍻