Founders Brewing Company

ReDANKulous Imperial Red IPA 2017

I like the rich flavor profile, they keep the hops under control. — 8 hours ago

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Little Creatures Brewing Company

India Pale Ale

Nice IPA from the Perth area. Crisp and refreshing with a nice balance of hops, bitterness and citrus. These IPAs are not as plentiful here so I do look forward to the ‘comforts’ of home. — 24 days ago

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Phil A

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@Kirk Feyereisen Kirk sounds great and enjoy your trip Cheers 🍻

The Infinite Monkey Theorem

Dry Hopped Pear Cider

Piney from the hops. Dry, but a nice sweetness. — a month ago

Angry Orchard (Boston Beer Company)

Hop'n Mad Apple Hard Cider

This is definitely my favorite seasonal flavor! The hops gave a interesting level that other fruit flavors can't add. So sad it's hard to get or I'd buy this year round — a month ago

Bike Dog Brewing Co

San Dog IPA

High abv for an IPA. Nice hops here. — 5 days ago


Test IPA

V. 18.0 very nice terrior, you’d have to live here, no words in how to describe it. Nice honey type notes, hops are elegant and not brash. Very nice. — 3 days ago

Stone Brewing

Tangerine Express IPA

Stone. IPA. Tangerine Express. Best part? 75 cents per can closeout. They had 19 of them...now THIS DUDE has 19 of them. Nice IPA with great citrus hops on the front and more of a dry hop finish. Nice brew for summertime! — a month ago

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Isaac Pirolo

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Yeah, buddy... #krogering
Phil A

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@Kirk Feyereisen Kirk @ $0.75 per can for a Stone Brew Life is good Cheers 🍻
Mark Flesher

Mark Flesher

@Isaac Pirolo LOL. The wife wanted to turn down the aisle where they have seasonal stuff, which is also where they have closeouts. She knows I have a weakness for Stone, and knows what the label looks like. When she saw the $0.75 per can close out sticker, she knew she had made the wrong decision to turn down the aisle that day!

Innis & Gunn

Limited Edition Mangoes On The Run Mango IPA

The name is hilarious - "Mangoes On The Run".

A gorgeous peach colour with bouffant off-white lacing. On the nose a definite mango aroma and smooth, fruity hops. A glass of Spring time.

On the palate mountains of sweet mango and mellow, balanced hops.

A limited edition mango IPA. Fruity and fun to kick back and relax with. Well done Innis & Gunn!

•5.6%• ABV April 30, 2018
— 20 days ago

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Dennis P.

Dennis P.

Shawn Thompson

Shawn Thompson

I’m definitely picking some of this up for myself. Great review and nice composition. 👍🏻


@Shawn Thompson Appreciate your comment. It's a nice seasonal IPA.

Core Brewing Co.

Ouachita "No Coast" IPA

Simcoe & Amarillo hops. Dank, cannabis-like nose. Lighter bitterness on the palate. Good. — 25 days ago

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Karbach Brewing Co.

Weekend Warrior Pale Ale

Pine hops. Kinda fits after cleaning up the entire back yard today... #gonnafeelittomorrow — a month ago

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Phil A

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@Mark Flesher Mark after all that work you probably need a second one Cheers 🍻
Kirk Feyereisen

Kirk Feyereisen

@Mark Flesher i’d trade u the lawn work for shoveling the driveway 6 times! And 24 hours more snow ahead! Nice brew, 🍻!