Mad Fritz Brewing Co.

Geranium Thyme Ale 2018

6.7% ABV.

An interesting and ultra limited collaboration between Mad Fritz and 3-star Michelin Rest. Geranium (Denmark).

For the beer aficionados here’s the break-down:
Aged for 4 months in a neutral French oak puncheon.
Variety: Scarlet 2 Row (from Alamosa CO).
Hops: Hallertau (Yakima WA).
Yeast: Kolsch Ale
Bottled unfined/unfiltered.

— 25 days ago

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Russian River Brewing Company

Redemption Blonde Ale

Nose is pear, lemon peel, floral hops, and a touch of Belgian yeast clove and fennel. Quite pretty.

Quite a lot of hops on the palate which mostly come across as the noble, floral type. A bit of ester comes in mid way and finish is super dry with a touch of spice and mild bitterness. Great creamy mousse on the mouthfeel with a touch of astringency.

Very dry quaffer that would be great with mild cheese or salad. Hoppier and less yeasty than I remember, but that's the RR way.
— a month ago

Innis & Gunn

15 imited edition anniversary barrel aged double IPA

15 - a limited edition anniversary barrel aged double IPA.

A full flavoured beer with zesty oak and orange aromas, marmalade hops. Mellow finish with vanilla and heather honey.

Definitely looking forward to another 15 years of Innis and Gunn's remarkable beverages.

•7.4% ABV• January 26, 2019.
— 2 months ago

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@P A You're so thoughtful with your replies. I appreciate your encouraging nature. 🙂
DC Radisson

DC Radisson

A beer bottle with its own box 📦 that should be an interesting taste 🍺 Cheers!


@DC Radisson It was a good beer. Very smooth yet flavourful.

St. Austell Brewery

Tribute Cornish Pale Ale 2018


Tribute is on of my favourite ales. It is very drinkable with a good light amber colour coming from the Cornish Gold and Maris Otter malts. St. Austell Brewery use Cornish spring water and aromatic hops that gives a pleasant caramel and a slight citrus aroma. The taste is a nice traditional pale ale that is a well balanced malt and caramel, and not over poweringly citrusy as is the current trend.

Easy to come by and readily available in bottles at a snip at £1.80 a bottle.
— 9 days ago

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Russian River Brewing Company

Pliny the Elder Double IPA

A distinct aroma of apricot, entry is a rush of intense hops followed by a breadth of flavors including pine cone, chestnut, fresh baked sourdough/yeast and a savory almost deli meat quality. Medium acidity and crispness with noticeable minerality. Always worth a quaff when you can get it. — 3 months ago

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@Bill Bender Bill one of the best Cheers 🍻
Bill Bender

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Agreed @P A and nobody knows better than you sir

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@Bill Bender Have a great weekend Cheers 🍻

SKA Brewing

Euphoria Pale Ale

Simcoe & Citra hops. — 2 months ago

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Fermentery Form

Form To Table Rustic Table Beer

Fermentery Form - Form to Table batch #2. This is the current best brewery in Pennsylvania and this is my favorite beer that they make. All are good to excellent but this little grisette like ale is perfect. Only 3.5%, nicely balanced acidity, wheat malt, bitter hops and just a touch of wild sourness. — 2 months ago

The Alchemist Brewery (Vermont Ale)

Heady Topper Ale

8% ABV. Frothy Christmas tree and citrus infused hops. — 3 months ago

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Bill Bender

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One of the attorneys I work with is an aficionado and he knows when the rare stuff comes to local retailers @Evan Bienstock the real rarity, even in CA, is finding a drop of Pliny the Younger.
Evan Bienstock

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@Bill Bender thats what I hear. The Heady little sister is called Focal Banger. It’s delish... If he sees Foley Brothers tell him to jump on it.
Bill Bender

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I’ll let him know @Evan Bienstock 🍻

Firestone Walker Brewing Company

Rosalie Beer Rose

I approached Rosalie with trepidation, because I'm not a fan of flavored beer. I generally feel you can keep your pumpkin-raspberry-hibiscus beers and give me some hops, lots of ‘em. This beverage surprised me. It has a rich orange color, more electric than in either beer or wine. The nose comes on with plenty of floral notes and a sour edge. The palate shows the malt and hops as well as the hibiscus. There's a nice acidity, a lighter feel than beer and a little more weight than wine. I like it, hibiscus and all. — 2 months ago

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Cuvée Marguerite Côtes Catalanes Blanc Viognier Muscat 2017

This is a deliciously interesting and idiosyncratic beery wine of hazy dried apricots. Some light effervescence and tannic grip mixes into a complex nervy texture. It has unmistakable upfront aromas of West Coast IPA hops accompanied by white flowers, baking spice, nutmeg, and tangerine. It’s light bodied with flavors of salty peaches, grapefruit, and white flowers. And extra points for 10% ABV and zero residual sugar. The Matassa wines are so good and Cuvée Marguerite is no exception. — 2 months ago

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