Tawny Port


20 Year Old Tawny Porto

Yummy. Have had this in the cellar for a decade or more so who knows how old this really is! Need to have port a little more often... — 7 days ago

Rick ZywotkoMichael MathewsMike Rettke
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30 Year Old Tawny Port

Toffee and cream brûlée in the nose, mellow, mild sweetness and a hint of wood throughout with a nice finish. Second best at Taylor's today. — 15 days ago

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20 Year Old Aged Tawny Port Blend

Second best of the six we sampled at Croft, heads above the 10 year, rich caramel and spice, both from a nice alcohol backbone as well as some baking spices in the nose — 15 days ago

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Tawny Port Blend 1978

This is a vintage (1978) tawny port, which I think is unique to Kopke. It was bottled in 2017, which makes it a 39 year tawny from a single vintage. This stuff is liquid nirvana. The color is a flowing andesine gemstone in the glass. The nose is cinnamon, vanilla, stewed cherry, baked peach and apple pie. More cinnamon and spice in the mouth along with vanilla bean ice cream and a mulled fruit symphony. The finish is tangy and sweet with long lasting acid. The best tawny port I have ever tasted. — 8 days ago

Susan Cahoon
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Taylor Fladgate

20 Years Old Tawny Port Blend

Didn't have a bottle of Graham's 20 year, so this'll have to do. Still very good. — 8 days ago

Jeannie Epps
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Single Year Tawny Porto 2004

2004 was a fine year. — a day ago


10 Year Old Tawny Porto

A great start of the weekend with Comté scones #tawny #port #dows #like — 10 days ago

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Grandfather 20 Year Rare Tawny Port Blend

Barrel topping tonight.
Finally got the Grandfather in the blend.
Amazing Tawny.
— 13 days ago

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Taylor Fladgate

10 Year Old Tawny Porto Blend

Slightly syrupy with notes of plum and fig. Goes great with dark chocolate brownies :) — 10 days ago

W. & J. Graham's

Aged 20 Years Tawny Port Blend

Liquid raisins, a bit of orange peel and marzipan — 8 days ago

Jason Chiu
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Jason Chiu

Jason Chiu

One note Tawny with just an orange marmalade flavor. Use it in place of maple syrup