Sour Beer

Phillips Brewing Company

Phillips Ginger Beer

Really fantastic amount of ginger with caramel notes.

Phillips is a great Canadian brewery. Always enjoy trying something new from them.

•5.5% ABV • April 25, 2021 ⚓
— 15 days ago

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Sharon B

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@Trixie i love trying new stuff!
MaJ CappS

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Ginger yum!


Cuvée Christine North Coast Syrah 2003

Sour, bitter and not much evolution. — 9 days ago

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Campo Quadro Barbaresco Nebbiolo 2007

stewed fruit, prunes, some spice, sour cherries, organic funk, dried flowers, roses, earth/soil, tar, tobacco... — 7 days ago

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Christian Ducroux

Esquisse Gamay Rosé 2020

Sour beer. $32 @ Domestique. — 8 days ago

Upper Pass Beer Company

First Drop APA

Great taste, the finish is not quite there. But I would drink it again and again — 8 days ago

Brouwerij 't IJ

IJwit Witbier

Vrijwit is the white with a tiny bit of alcohol. Stubborn beer from Amsterdam. — 7 days ago

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Tango Kingdom Beer


Tango Kingdom beer @Kyoto smoky& some seeet — 7 days ago

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Schilling Beer Co.

Resilience Hop Weave No.7

Nice, light and very drinkable but without sacrificing its hoppy IPA character — 17 days ago

Jonas Dostert

Landwein Mosel Spätburgunder 2019

Sour cherry, pomegranate, fine tannin, high acid ⚡️ — 15 days ago

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Dos Equis (Cervecería Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma)

Dos Equis Lime & Salt Lager Especial

This is at the top of my beer list! Hint of lime, hint of salt, perfect for outdoors! — 10 days ago

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Cool and refreshing! Cheers!🍻