Sour Beer

Almanac Beer Company

Grand Cru Imperial Sour Blonde Ale 2016

Imperial Sour Blonde Ale, Edition No. 2

Nose has musty oak barrel, rehydrated apricot, lightly acidic, grapefruit skin, Muscat grape profile is distant.

Palate has light sourness, apricot jelly, citrus pith, lime and yellow cherry.

Fun stuff, not hitting out of the park sour, but a very nice start to the evening, well balanced, complexity to the flavors.

10.6% ABV
β€” 5 days ago

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@Severn Goodwin Wow Cheers 🍻

Gasthaus-Brauerei Braustelle

Freigeist Salzspeicher Sour Porter Cherry

A smattering of tan spots, like Queen Anne’s lace, appear, then slip into the murk. An alar Geist remains, like a smeared mirror. Dried cherries and black currants with ripe huckleberry, dried fig,
cherry tobacco and a touch of licorice, coffee and peeled poppy. Bitter chocolate and dried bing cherries tear an astral hole of arabic in the thick spring veil of dried violets and cloves with a decidedly burnt edge to the currant. Valerian tendencies abound. Dark ghosts that scribble runes through carbon paper.
β€” 5 days ago

A Sour Beer Co.

The Rare Barrel Blurred T Tart Saison

Rare Barrel. Blurred T. Saison aged in oak with Tempranillo grapes. Fascinating blend of wine and beer. It smells of tart cherries and blackberries. It really reminds me of a cider. Mouth is tons of fruit, alcohol, funky finish with citrus acidity and dark cherries. I’m fascinated to see this one age. β€” a day ago


Premium Quality Beer

A great lager, nothing but pure water, hops, and the best barley malt.

Product of Holland. 5% alc/ vol.
β€” 18 days ago

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Agree a great lager!🍻 We've been doing landscaping all day. The lager looks appealing!

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@Dennis P. Dennis never lets me down Cheers 🍻
DC Radisson

DC Radisson

Cheers 🍺

Dogfish Head Brewery

Sea Quench Ale Session Sour

Great way to start off a Cinco de Mayo meal on a gorgeous day in Michigan! β€” 17 days ago

Vanessa McCaffrey
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Three Taverns Craft Brewery

Rapturous Raspberry Sour Ale

More sweet than sour, great on a warm Georgia evening.
5.0% ABV
β€” a day ago

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Boulevard Brewing Company

Love Child No. 8 Sour Ale

Bottled on 17 Feb 2017.

Nose has yeasty stone fruits, Bing cherry, plum, fruit juice saturated oak, yellow raisin and fresh lemon+lime peel.

Palate has medium sourness, black cherry, ripe plum, ripe nectarine, red wine vinegar, medium funk, minimal oak influence.

Very nice stuff here.

9.0% ABV
β€” 5 days ago

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@Severn Goodwin Severn 9% packs a punch Cheers 🍻

Prairie Artisan Ales

Funky Gold Mosaic Sour Ale

That could be my most favorite β€œsour” ever. It is like in between a sour and a not sour. β€” 14 days ago

Mark Freund
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Urban South Brewery

Sour Cherry Stout

Urban South Sour Cherry Stout! So good! That is a stout I could drink after a bike ride on a hot day! β€” 14 days ago

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