Sour Beer

Almanac Beer Company

Farmer's Reserve Pluot American Wild Ale

This is actually the nectarine version. Unbelievably intense burst of nectarine amidst a finely crafted sour beer. Absolutely spectacular and the best Almanac fruit sour I've had by far. — 5 days ago

Chris Chang
with Chris
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Paradox Beer Company

Skully Barrel Salty Melons No. 45

Nice balance of fruit and funk with the grassy zip of Azacca hops. More saison-like in tartness than a full on sour. Nice. — 22 days ago

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Grand Teton Brewing Co.

American Sour Ale 2015

2015 aged in wine barrels. I'm guessing blended because nothing like the Chardonnay barrel I had yesterday on draft. Insane complexity with great mouthfeel. Citrus, some berries, tart, key lime, a touch of funk. Reminds me of forces unseen from rare barrel. Great work! — 13 hours ago

Randy Boesch
with Randy

Grand Teton Brewing Co.

Sour Grand Saison Farmhouse Ale 2015

2015farmhouse saison in red wine barrels. Huge beer exploding with flavor and funk. Very Belgian in flavor with funk for days and the backbone of red wine barrels. Amazing! — 13 hours ago

Randy Boesch
with Randy

Anchor Brewing Company

Anchor Steam Beer

Gary Westby

It feels like the very first time in the east side. Thank you Anchor ⚓️ brewing for the best of the west! — 7 days ago

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Stella Artois

Lager Beer

The best haircuts come with beers — 17 days ago

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Jolly Pumpkin & Monkish Brewing

Cucubritophobia Michigan Sour Biere

Love this beer... — 14 days ago

Vanessa McCaffrey
with Vanessa
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Russian River Brewing Company

Sanctification Sour Blonde Ale

Jeremy Shanker

Wow that is f-ing great beer — 8 hours ago

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Grupo Modelo

Corona Light Beer

Best victory beer in the history of victory beer!!!!! Tom is a real life super hero!!! — 14 days ago

Chris Chang
with Chris
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Evil Twin Brewing

Bikini Beer IPA

IPA kinda like a sour. Pretty good. From mike smith — 23 days ago

Petey Praise
with Petey