Ilegal Mazcal

Special Edition Añejo Oaxaca Mezcal

Delicious. Smooth and Smokey. 18 month of aging in a Whiskey barrel = heaven. — 12 days ago


Agave de Oaxaca Mezcal

This stuff takes me back to late nights in Boulder. 😋 — a month ago

Yuu Baal

Mezcal Joven Madrecuixe

My favorite of the 3 we tasted today. They use pine vats for fermentation and it shows in all their Mezcal. — 2 months ago

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Angeles Carreño

Barril Mezcal Real Minero 2017

Mia really likes this. The pine flavors in Barril’s don’t excite me, just not my style. This one is done very well. Smooth with subtle flavors and a clean finish. Double Distilled in clay pots. Barril 15 years. Bottle 370/502 Batch 7. Nom 037X. — 2 months ago

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Los Danzantes

Añejo Agave Espadín Mezcal 2014

My first tasting of artisanal Mezcal. Very impressive. Smokey and a long finish. Reminiscent of Islay whiskey - didn’t expect that at all - delicious. — 23 days ago


No. 3 Mezcal 2015

Very nice. Balanced florals with good fruits, citrus and a whisper of smoke. Nothing sticks out and finishes real smooth. A favorite of the first timers to Mezcal. — 2 months ago

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Olvido Mezcal

Finally opened the 30 year Mezcal, holy!!!!!
Best bottle of anything I’ve ever had! Unbelievable,
Had a couple buddies come over & they were blown away!
A number of us have spent well over a grand on a bottle of wine that you have to drink in 1-2 days of opening, spend the $800-$1000 on this bottle instead & enjoy thru out a years time. So worth it
— 2 months ago

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Paul Treadway Huntington Beacher Bum

Paul Treadway Huntington Beacher Bum

So beyond a normal Mezcal, just can’t describe it,
Phil A

Phil A Premium Badge

@Paul Treadway Huntington Beacher Bum Paul enjoying a good drink with good friends only makes it better Cheers 🥃

El Tinieblo

Mezcal Añejo

Thats not a black bottle, thats how dark this Mezcal is, in my top 3 — a month ago

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San Luis Joven Mezcal Artesenal

Nice. Not too smoky — 18 days ago

Yuu Baal


Between the pine vats for fermentation and the pine flavor in the tobala Agave, it’s too much for me. If you like Tobala and pine, you’ll love this. — 2 months ago

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