Great balance — a month ago

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Mezcal Koch

El de Oaxaca Espadín

Lumbre. Smooth and floral with a long finish — a month ago

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Marca Negra

Tobalá Mezcal

After dinner drink of choice. — 2 months ago

Mezcal Vago

Elote Mezcal Agave

Solid lower cost mezcal. Hint of lime juice does wonders — 2 months ago

Rey Campero

Artesanal Joven Mezcal Agave

This is Tepeztate. Mia liked this a lot — a month ago

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Cacique Maravilla

Pipeño País

Volcanic! Smokey like a mezcal, but also light bodied. — 18 days ago


Guerrero Joven Mezcal

Smoke and ash. Spicy 🌶 finish. — 2 months ago

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Mezcal Daan Yie Zú

Sierra Negra Joven Agave

Mia's favorite at this tasting. Nom 0424X — a month ago

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El Jolgorio

Mezcal Barril Agave

Expressive Barril — a month ago

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El Rey de Matatlan

Joven Maguey Silvestre Agave

Mexicanito. My first Clay pot distilled Mezcal. My favorite of this tasting. Their is an earthiness that mellows out the agave (Tobala and Karwinski in this case) — a month ago

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