Pechuga de Papalomé — 10 days ago

Del Maguey

San Luis del Rio Single Village Mezcal

Campfire. Butane. Sweet grilled peaches. — 2 months ago

Stephen HebertKyle VanDevender
with Stephen and Kyle

Mezcal Vago

Oaxaca Tobalá

John McCarroll

Flawless and high toned — 14 days ago

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Joven Madre Cuishe Mezcal

Doug Burress

Interesting rare Agave the Madre-Cuishe. Fruity, smoky, subtle. Wahaka Mezcals are a great addition to the SF K & L shelf. — a month ago

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Ribera Del Duero Tempranillo 2014

Dark smokey flavors with almost syrupy like looking dark juice. Mysterious. In a weird way reminds me of mezcal. Why? — 2 months ago


Reposado con Gusano Mezcal

Doug Burress

Six months in American oak gives this Espadin Mezcal a smooth, delicate smoke that makes this a perfect gateway for those that love Tequila and want to crossover and try Mezcal. — 2 months ago

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San Juan Joven Mezcal

Charlie Abbott

Smokiness takes a backseat to the fleshy vegetal and peach character here. Yum — a month ago

Nuestra Soledad

Mezcal Agave 2016


High toned bananas, sweet acetoned fruits/fresh yogurt. Tastes smiley w a lovely vegetal depth — a month ago

Sabios de Luá

Joven Mezcal 2012

48% alc.
100% Agave.
Lote: X1, X1

If you're a Mezcal nerd you'll probably also want to know that this was distilled from 50% Espadin, 30% Madrecuixe and 20% Bicuxe cacti.

@Delectable Wine This is correctly Mezcal Joven but there are a few different versions of this spirit based on different cacti used. Feel free to diversify your listings as appropriate.

@Alejandro Garcia
— 2 months ago

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