Etna Rosso


Etna Rosso Nerello Mascalese 2017

2021 winter. With the prices for many single-vineyard wines surging ever higher, it’s a good thing there are lots of good “standard” bottlings too. Dark stone, black cherry and all that. — 9 days ago

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Tenuta Tascante

Contrada Rampante Etna Rosso Nerello Mascalese 2016

Cathy Corison

Bright cherry red. Cherry juice. Volcanic. Bitter balance. — 19 days ago

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Tenuta delle Terre Nere

Prephylloxera La Vigna di Don Peppino Etna Rosso Nerello Mascalese Nerello Cappuccio 2017

whoa, floral, woodsy, pine sap, raspberry jelly. ripe on the palate. firm tannins. so pretty. could go another 5- maybe more. — 23 days ago

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Gaja & Graci

IDDA Etna Rosso Nerello Blend 2018

— 8 days ago

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Tenuta delle Terre Nere

Etna Rosso Nerello Mascalese Blend 2018

Выпито 04.05.21 с Е. А. Прекрасное вулканическое красное из Этны. Легкое, нежное, пахнет вишней. Мое. — 8 days ago


Diciasettesalme Etna Rosso Nerello Mascalese

2017 enjoyed 4/21. 100% Nerello, 8 mos deep rich color, color and flavor. black cherries and berries, basalmic. lucious palate, medium tannins. rather richer than what I consider typical for Nerello but the wine is really well made, balanced, delicious. from lower on slop of Mt Etna — 23 days ago

Tenuta delle Terre Nere

Santo Spirito Etna Rosso Nerello Mascalese 2015

Nez de ciste et framboise et bouche fraîche acide finale framboise et réglissee
— 11 days ago

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Etna Rosso Nerello Mascalese 2018

This is a very unique wine from Sicily. I wouldn’t drink it frequently (too light), but really pleasant for an occasional something different. — 19 days ago

Masseria Setteporte

Etna Rosso Nerello Mascalese 2017

Первый нос - дуб и ваниль, потом аромат закрылся. Когда раздышалось - мощные красные ягоды, вишня. Кислотность яркая, танины сначала мягкие, потом кусачие и иссушающие. Вкус земля, гранат, специи. Хорошее сбалансированное вино, под красное мясо. — 21 days ago