Oregon Pinot

Formaglini Vineyards

La Quercia Block Pinot Noir 2016

15+ hr work days everyday this week call for a killer Pinot, some chicken and morel mushroom pot pie and a little Grateful Dead.

I am not familiar with Formaglini, but this Pinot makes a solid argument as to why I need to start paying attention to Oregon little more.

In the glass, this wine has an extremely light tint to it which is extremely misleading. The nose is full of vibrant red fruits, dirt, dried herbs and a little smoke that I’m all about. This leads to an extremely intense rush of big red fruit, white pepper, dirt and a little taste of the Rhône. The slight smokiness lingers for quite sometime. This is a really nice, balanced wine from a producer I’d love to explore a little more.

Think it’s time to dig into Oregon wines beyond Eyrie. Would love some suggestions. Been hearing a lot about the wines coming from Walter Scott.
— 5 days ago

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Arden Barnett

Arden Barnett

@Shay A I’m on the Antica Terra mailing list but I’ve hesitated to buy some bottles without trying one of their wines first. Royal Blue sells the Ceras so I might need to go snag a bottle. Heard the Rose is insane. Heard fantastic things about Bergstrom too. Thanks!
Shay A

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@Arden Barnett : Price point can be tough, but Ceras is very mineral driven. I’ve got quite a few bottles of the rosé (it’s my favorite), and I still have one ‘14 left. Happy to open it whenever we get together to pop bottles next. And Bergstrom is fantastic...definitely more restrained than AT.
Bryan Kesting

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@Arden Barnett @Shay A : im happy to bring a couple bottles of Antica Terra when I come back in town. I’m sure I will be back as soon as the COVID-19 is over.


Willamette Valley Pinot Noir 2018

Cocoa covered cherry cordial with eucalyptus on the nose. Young dark cherry-driven, forest floor, light herbal palate. Delicious, exceptional value. — 7 days ago

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Scott Cowan

Scott Cowan

Now that’s a review!

Walter Scott

Clos Des Oiseaux Pinot Noir 2014

Purple-red, light-to-moderate pigment extraction. Herbal, barrel tar, blueberry and raspberry notes in nose. Cherry flavor with great length mixed with hints of blueberry and blackberry with slight seed bitterness on finish.. Light, bright, almost no tannins on initial pour. Delightful and balanced. — 6 days ago

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Cheers!🍷 Nice post.

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@David Shaw David Cheers 🍷

Maison Roy & Fils

Incline Willamette Valley Pinot Noir 2014

Purple-red, dense, moderately to highly extracted pigment. Raspberry and black currant aromas. Raspberry, cherry flavors with blueberry and menthol on finish, slightly tight in initial pour, light to moderate skin astringency. Toasty smoky barrel aromas and flavors emerge after 30 minutes. A slightly bitter, slightly tart cherry-berry finish and aftertaste also emerge as the wine resolves. Umami shows up after 90 minutes. I appreciate the intention behind the winemaking here; this is not your typical Oregon Pinot, but instead a level beyond. This wine might need additional aging, which surprises me somewhat, but based on how the tasting plays out over the first 90 minutes from opening, it has high skin contact, moderate seed contact, and is probably age worthy given its vinification or processing, the high tannins and high pigment extraction. In essence, I opened this bottle too early. The winemaking style is unusual compared to most Oregon Pinot Noirs. Give this one another two or three years before opening. This could be a really special wine in terms of structure and balance. Unfortunately, this was my only bottle from this vintage... — 15 days ago

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Wonderful review!🍷 Best wishes during this unprecedented time.

Samuel Robert Winery

Vintner's Reserve Willamette Valley Pinot Noir Rose 2019

B by infant salmon pink. Abundant nose of strawberries, watermelon, and a bit of earthy must (or musty earth… you decide). Fruit forward, medium light palate echoes the nose wrapped in bright, medium plus acidity making this *the* rosè to take to the picnic, the brunch, or the BYO. QPR is theough the roof, so buy it up before everyone else catches on! It *will* sell out! — 14 days ago

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Lemelson Vineyards

Thea's Selection Willamette Valley Pinot Noir 2016

A barrel selection wine, the 2016 ‘Thea’s Selection’ shows nice white truffle shavings and cinnamon stick aromatics that mingle with the core of dark fruits on the nose. The palate is round and generous with a delightful mouthfeel. Rich kirsch and peat moss tones combine with the bright sense of minerality and soft texture on the palate. Layered and downright sexy in its youth, the 2016 ‘Thea’s Selection’ will cellar well for a decade or more. Drink 2020-2032- 92
— 16 days ago

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Michael Herzog

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Love these wines for the price.


Willamette Valley Pinot Noir 2018

Bright and clear dark ruby. Nose and palate of black cherry, black tea, and a bit it birchy wood. A bit of a tarry finish. Medium body, medium plus tannins, and medium acidity. Food is definitely its friend, but if you’re just looking for a Tuesday night by-the-glasser, it’s at home there, too. — 12 days ago

Jay Jackson
with Jay
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Teutonic Wine Company

Sprockets High Pass Vineyard Scheurebe Blend 2018

An allusion to an early SNL skit, no doubt; Teutonic enough for you? Yellow white, excellent clarity. Honey aroma and flavor, almost dry, good acidity, lactic, mineral finish. Winery claims flavors of apricot (maybe, after 30 minutes), capsaicin (strangely, yes) and orange zest (mmhmm). Blend of Scheurebe, Huxelrebe and Pinot Noir. And now we dance... and we can all use the release, yes? — 5 days ago

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Enjoyed reading your notes! Cheers!🥂

The Willametter Journal

Willamette Valley Pinot Noir 2018

Absolutely delicious. I’m not a big Pinot Noir fan but my brother brought this over and I love it! Full bodied and full of fruit! — 4 days ago

Eric Mckenzie
with Eric
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Tom Garland

Tom Garland

Cheers! Looks like it's been a great afternoon celebration
Sharon B

Sharon B

@Tom Garland yes it definitely has been!


What a grand party!🎁🍷

St Innocent Winery

Villages Cuvée Willamette Valley Pinot Noir 2017

Jeff Ames

I have always loved St Innocent pinots. This is a great daily drinker version from them. For the ~$19 a fantastic value for my tastes. — 8 days ago

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Jay Eagan

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Mark has made the best value wine since the 90’s! I had the 2010 Tor Mast for my quarantine wine tonight. Hope you’re well Jeff!