Clown Shoes

Hammer of the Beast Imperial Stout and Barleywine Ale

Minuscule head pools in bubbles to the side like a stagnant river then reveals a spider-eyed were-jaguar, before a Turin shroud emerges against the blackest, hopeless night. Oh crap! Did I just unleash barleywine? Well it is cold as the ice king! Magnificence of aroma with basalt, crystalline vanilla, resinous myrrh, and rich dark chocolate! Cedar, tar, burnt vanilla, nutmeg, fennel, licorice and burnt brownie. Awesome! Truly a harbinger of spirit life and neutron star collision! #clownshoes #hammerofthebeast #barleywine #imperialstout #stout #beerpocalypse #dankbeer #darkbeer #beast #beastmode — 4 months ago

Crown Valley Brewing

Imperial Pumpkin Smash Stout

Headless horseman! Just a tonshure of cappuccino rimming the parameter. Bourbon, pecan and caramel, sarsaparilla, mocha, and toasted sunflower seeds. Continued root suggestions with ginger and more sarsaparilla, vanilla, toffee, burnt brown sugar and tinged cinnamon stick. The dark gourd suggestions still manage to surface. Sacrificial pumpkins consumed in tar-sand fires and pecan pie filling. The dark finish glistens like eel sauce. #crownvalleybrewing #stout #imperialpumpkin #pumpkin #pumpkinbeer #smashable #seasonalbeer — 5 months ago

Stone Brewing Co.

Stone Americano Stout

Subtle notes of mocha waft atop a spongy cloud-like cappuccino-colored head replete with bubbles of varying size and a sycamore silhouetted lacing. Dark chocolate malt balls plus cocoa pods inform olfactorily. Bitter chocolate, black mocha, chocolate cereal, vanilla bean, burnt cinnamon stick, burnt toast urge you back to the sweeter chocolate notes as the bitterness escalates to peppercorn-esque with chicory. Not for everyone, but coffee heads will appreciate the pine tar walk off homer! #stone #stonebrewery #stout #americano #imperialstout #beer #beer — a year ago

Boulevard Brewing Company

Smokestack Series Dark Truth Stout

Baby, it’s cold outside. Falling near 70! The stouts are out! This sleek black beauty has it all! Thick, even lacing in two tone cafe shades, a cumulus attitude. Clean almond and cacao pod with a lemon pith aura. Bee pollen, waterfall rocks and northern oyster shell, including a light brine. Medium mouthfeel and soft minerality prevailas sips reduce the lace to alphabet soup fonts and ultimately horror forests. Unexpectedly clean, with coffee-cola notes and caramelized onion minus the burn. Crispy vanilla that turns creamy with agitation. Steely, smoky, pepper crackers, and bitter violets. #boulevardbrewing #darktruth #kcbeer #stout #dankdark — 5 months ago


Breakfast Stout Malt

Black as electronic death. The head spills slowly to the surface from the darkness and at the same tempo, returns like a mammoth to its tar pit. The caramel brittle releases French roast coffee between the cracks and mocha follows. Campfire pecan shells and hazelnuts shine. Easy entry malts initially coat the palate with vanilla and dark sugar, but they are tempered by iron filings and burnt coffee, chicory, nutmeg and clove and bitter almond. There is a nasty streak to the vulcanized wall of bitter chocolate burnt to a crisp. Additional sipping helps, providing sweetness, but the streak persists like the bubbly burnt remains of a truck stop decanter. Almost tannic in nature. #founders #oatmeal #stout #breakfastofchampions #truckstopbabies #chocolatebeer #coffeemalt #chocolatefountain #mamadroveatruck — 7 months ago

Destihl Brewery

Dosvidanya Rye Barrel 2016

Dosvidanya 2016! You were no one's favorite year, you fractious, life-stealing bastard. That being said, thank you for making this beer. Black mushroom coffee scents waft above a perfect mousse of micro-bubbles spottily lacing; sports Light anise and roasted black corn, wild rice and whiskey complexity. There is a fig sweetness. Oily vanilla whiskey leads the charge in a oaken den of decadent dark chocolate on tea biscuit. The coffee notes are syrupy here, but they are tinged with herbaceous and stemmed spices that take on a burnt marshmallow perspective. The final act of this magnificent spectacle evokes Turkish delight, burnt chocolate cake, toffee, and hazelnut liqueur and coffee cake caramel meandering between pecans. Liquid quicksand. #destihlbrewery #dosvidanya #russianimperial #extraimperial #stout #bourbonbarrelaged — a year ago

Thirsty Dog Brewing Company

Siberian Night Imperial Stout

Micro-mousse with pixilated lace. Nearly black, brown and opaque. Chicory coffee, near-burnt and boasting mesquite, cedar and extracted vanilla. Bitter entry softens to darkest rye. Burnt s’mores, intensely creamy, tobacco-leaf sweetness, Madagascar vanilla bean, oak tannin, burnt Boston baked bean. Throughout there is a bitter chocolate core and an over cooked-coffee, but it is not unpleasant, but a pleasant contrast to the striking creaminess. #thirstydog #imperialstout #stout #beer #dank #beerbeerbeer #abv — 5 months ago

Green Flash Brewing Co.

Double Stout Black Ale

Produced a full head of cappuccino brown, that left a plethora of primitive dinosaur hieroglyphs. Completely opaque and dark as strong coffee. Turkish coffee impression similarly informs the aromas, with a raspberry-dark chocolate streak, a tiny dust of licorice, and some burnt caramel. Mouthfeel is stout perfection, bordering on whole milk with chocolate syrup. Espresso, gingerbread, burnt wheat, bitter, baker’s chocolate, allspice, dried cassis, wormwood, and burnt lavender. #doublestout #stout #beer #beerbeerbeer #greenflash #abv #stoutout #beeroclock #beerculture #beerdrinkers #stoutitallout #? — 5 months ago

Founders Brewing Company

Curmudgeon Old Ale

The swamp smoke rose from the bottleneck as a stew of sediment was revealed through the phone light. Tea biscuit and ginger snap with molasses,burnt caramel and peanut brittle are conjured in turn, with coffee cake loaded with walnut. The palate invites with a yielding smoothness and teetering, sweet fig and date, but behind it, tea tree oils, resinous paper, dark tobaccos half-smoked, copper coins, fruit cake, struck flint, burnt corn tortilla, charcoal dust, and a slow-smoldering engine smoke. He's a dirty old machine, but soft in the middle with nougat and an espresso-chocolate cream that borders on coconuts. After a drag through the scrub, we arrive in a grove of sweet fruits. Duplicitously integrated. #Founders #stout #barrelaged — 10 months ago