Doom Imperial India Pale Ale

Off-white cumulous clouds top a cloudy, nearly opaque cistern of Rich Amber. The lacing menaces like zombie fingers before succumbing to the murky cauldron; sparse bubble implore like confused eyes, disembodied. Tropical notes of rum cake and pineapple-banana cream with a suggestion of cocoanut turn cedar and apricot and lemon breads. Vanilla marks the creamy entry with almond and nougat, that turns bourbon ball quickly leaving you with fire and smoke and lemon tea. Whiskey and lemon become pronounced upon the contemplative conclusion! Like being hugged to death by a baby balrog! #founders #barrelaged #bourbonbarrelaged #beer #dankbeer #imperialipa #ipa #imperial #ale #foundersbrewing #doom ## — a year ago

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Breakfast Stout Malt

Black as electronic death. The head spills slowly to the surface from the darkness and at the same tempo, returns like a mammoth to its tar pit. The caramel brittle releases French roast coffee between the cracks and mocha follows. Campfire pecan shells and hazelnuts shine. Easy entry malts initially coat the palate with vanilla and dark sugar, but they are tempered by iron filings and burnt coffee, chicory, nutmeg and clove and bitter almond. There is a nasty streak to the vulcanized wall of bitter chocolate burnt to a crisp. Additional sipping helps, providing sweetness, but the streak persists like the bubbly burnt remains of a truck stop decanter. Almost tannic in nature. #founders #oatmeal #stout #breakfastofchampions #truckstopbabies #chocolatebeer #coffeemalt #chocolatefountain #mamadroveatruck — 2 years ago

Founders Brewing Company

Curmudgeon Old Ale

The swamp smoke rose from the bottleneck as a stew of sediment was revealed through the phone light. Tea biscuit and ginger snap with molasses,burnt caramel and peanut brittle are conjured in turn, with coffee cake loaded with walnut. The palate invites with a yielding smoothness and teetering, sweet fig and date, but behind it, tea tree oils, resinous paper, dark tobaccos half-smoked, copper coins, fruit cake, struck flint, burnt corn tortilla, charcoal dust, and a slow-smoldering engine smoke. He's a dirty old machine, but soft in the middle with nougat and an espresso-chocolate cream that borders on coconuts. After a drag through the scrub, we arrive in a grove of sweet fruits. Duplicitously integrated. #Founders #stout #barrelaged — 2 years ago