Dogfish Head Brewery

20 Higher Math

This is my 2 year-old liquid figgy pudding. So bring it right now! Just a wisp of hair ringing this big baby’s noggin. Blonde brownie with candied black cherry, banana bread and raspberry truffle aromas. Big, rich mouthfeel stuns the tongue with tart cherry, beet juice, brown sugar, grainy Mexican cocoa, black dates, figs, black raisins, cinnamon, vanilla, licorice, chicory, Turkish candies, treacle, and chocolate mint. Quaffable at this stage and well-integrated. Great for bitter cold South Florida weather. You can sense the beast that lurks in its shadow, but the sweet, rich facade pulls you in with its cozy embrace. #fuzzyeyes #abv #dogfishhead #highermath #chocolatebeer #sour #17percentalcoholOMG #big #dankdark #dankbeer #holycrap #chocolateandcherry #Ween #brown #candy — 3 years ago


Breakfast Stout Malt

Black as electronic death. The head spills slowly to the surface from the darkness and at the same tempo, returns like a mammoth to its tar pit. The caramel brittle releases French roast coffee between the cracks and mocha follows. Campfire pecan shells and hazelnuts shine. Easy entry malts initially coat the palate with vanilla and dark sugar, but they are tempered by iron filings and burnt coffee, chicory, nutmeg and clove and bitter almond. There is a nasty streak to the vulcanized wall of bitter chocolate burnt to a crisp. Additional sipping helps, providing sweetness, but the streak persists like the bubbly burnt remains of a truck stop decanter. Almost tannic in nature. #founders #oatmeal #stout #breakfastofchampions #truckstopbabies #chocolatebeer #coffeemalt #chocolatefountain #mamadroveatruck — 3 years ago

Funky Buddha Brewery

Nib Smuggle Chocolate Milk Porter

Chocolate pudding, chocolate syrup and chocolate milk are summoned from the depths of nostril memories along with rich vanilla and caramel creme. The palate evokes a different set. Dark, raw chocolate, with a spicy vanilla, and an earthy, dark-toasted barley crunch that plays well with the chocolate chunk. The spice recedes to reveal a creamy finish on a toasty frame. Nice, well-rounded brew! #nibsmuggler #funkybuddha #chocolatebeer — 5 years ago

Terrapin Beer Co.

Liquid Bliss Chocolate Peanut Butter Porter

Really not overblown, though I did postpone drinking it. Never had a bad Terrapin, and thought this might be the first. Peanut butter on the nose (powdered camping one), with a healthy, medium chocolate overlay, very quality, cocoa palate entry (also powdered), but a burnt malt note that makes it swampy. Ends with pleasant minerality that aids instead of thinning the whole. All in all a robust effort; tastes like granny's home-style, choco-mud turtle swamp balls! #terrapinbeer #chocolate #porter #liquidbliss #chocolatebeer — 5 years ago