Dogfish Head Brewery

20 Higher Math

This is my 2 year-old liquid figgy pudding. So bring it right now! Just a wisp of hair ringing this big baby’s noggin. Blonde brownie with candied black cherry, banana bread and raspberry truffle aromas. Big, rich mouthfeel stuns the tongue with tart cherry, beet juice, brown sugar, grainy Mexican cocoa, black dates, figs, black raisins, cinnamon, vanilla, licorice, chicory, Turkish candies, treacle, and chocolate mint. Quaffable at this stage and well-integrated. Great for bitter cold South Florida weather. You can sense the beast that lurks in its shadow, but the sweet, rich facade pulls you in with its cozy embrace. #fuzzyeyes #abv #dogfishhead #highermath #chocolatebeer #sour #17percentalcoholOMG #big #dankdark #dankbeer #holycrap #chocolateandcherry #Ween #brown #candy — 2 years ago

Boulevard Brewing Company

Smokestack Series Dark Truth Stout

Baby, it’s cold outside. Falling near 70! The stouts are out! This sleek black beauty has it all! Thick, even lacing in two tone cafe shades, a cumulus attitude. Clean almond and cacao pod with a lemon pith aura. Bee pollen, waterfall rocks and northern oyster shell, including a light brine. Medium mouthfeel and soft minerality prevailas sips reduce the lace to alphabet soup fonts and ultimately horror forests. Unexpectedly clean, with coffee-cola notes and caramelized onion minus the burn. Crispy vanilla that turns creamy with agitation. Steely, smoky, pepper crackers, and bitter violets. #boulevardbrewing #darktruth #kcbeer #stout #dankdark — 2 years ago


La Mancha Tempranillo

Sweaty stallion, coffee rye, bakers chocolate and licorice nose. Blackberry reduction with cracked black pepper, tar, black toast, black currant, cigar ash, licorice, dark, unsweetened chocolate, dagga, chicory and raspberry liqueur. This coal mine runs deep. #LaMancha #spanishwines #dankdark — 3 years ago

Bell's Brewery

Neptune The Mystic

Somewhere between shoe polish and prunes on the nose with a streak of smoky allspice and juniper. Sarsaparilla tar, roasted eggplant skin, oregano, burnt corn, cat bed, wet leather, black beans, burnt coffe and cigar ends. Coffee-rootbeer, black pepper, black mushroom, and eel. Sleek and nuanced, but a mistress of epic proportion. #dankdark #bellsbrewery #neptune — 4 years ago