Clown Shoes

Hammer of the Beast Imperial Stout and Barleywine Ale

Minuscule head pools in bubbles to the side like a stagnant river then reveals a spider-eyed were-jaguar, before a Turin shroud emerges against the blackest, hopeless night. Oh crap! Did I just unleash barleywine? Well it is cold as the ice king! Magnificence of aroma with basalt, crystalline vanilla, resinous myrrh, and rich dark chocolate! Cedar, tar, burnt vanilla, nutmeg, fennel, licorice and burnt brownie. Awesome! Truly a harbinger of spirit life and neutron star collision! #clownshoes #hammerofthebeast #barleywine #imperialstout #stout #beerpocalypse #dankbeer #darkbeer #beast #beastmode — 4 months ago

Thirsty Dog Brewing Company

Siberian Night Imperial Stout

Micro-mousse with pixilated lace. Nearly black, brown and opaque. Chicory coffee, near-burnt and boasting mesquite, cedar and extracted vanilla. Bitter entry softens to darkest rye. Burnt s’mores, intensely creamy, tobacco-leaf sweetness, Madagascar vanilla bean, oak tannin, burnt Boston baked bean. Throughout there is a bitter chocolate core and an over cooked-coffee, but it is not unpleasant, but a pleasant contrast to the striking creaminess. #thirstydog #imperialstout #stout #beer #dank #beerbeerbeer #abv — 5 months ago

MOA Brewing Company

Imperial Stout Aged in Pinot Noir Barrels

Burnt cocoanut, cinnamon rolls, praline a dark floral sweetness, burnt toast, pecan, coffee liqueur, burnt sugar, smoky bones. Vanilla bean, anise, dark chocolate. This dirty bird is too heavy for flight, and has loamy mud in its talons. Let it pick your brain for awhile! #kiwi #downunder #oakaged #stout #imperialstout — 2 years ago

Stone Brewing Co.

Stone Americano Stout

Subtle notes of mocha waft atop a spongy cloud-like cappuccino-colored head replete with bubbles of varying size and a sycamore silhouetted lacing. Dark chocolate malt balls plus cocoa pods inform olfactorily. Bitter chocolate, black mocha, chocolate cereal, vanilla bean, burnt cinnamon stick, burnt toast urge you back to the sweeter chocolate notes as the bitterness escalates to peppercorn-esque with chicory. Not for everyone, but coffee heads will appreciate the pine tar walk off homer! #stone #stonebrewery #stout #americano #imperialstout #beer #beer — a year ago