Southern Tier Brewing Company

Imperial Pumking Ale

Surprisingly light colored head that sprung up like a ghost and then shot back down to a smoky whisper. Rum notes with caramel cream in the lead; spun sugar, cinnamon and clove with yogurt pretzel and honeyed tea. Spicy entry boasts sweetness but not overwhelming. Pumpkin oil, vanilla, oaky caramel, cinnamon and bitter note that suggests charred pecan, and peppercorns. This beer is good because it doesn’t stay sweet throughout and instantly congers the autumnal spirit. It doesn’t get too artificial, borrowing most of its flavors from barrel. #pumpkin #pumpkinbeer #ale #SouthernTier #imperialpumpkin #pumking #beer #seasonalbeer #oakaged #halloween #alehallows — a year ago

Lexington Brewing Co.

Kentucky Pumpkin Barrel Ale

I believe this lady has a year under her lengthy belt, comes off like hot honey, dropping a fair amount of lacing right down to its wooden floor of unmistakable oak. There is a musty funk beneath the perfume of biscuit and marmalade, but nothing unpleasant, just sensual and inviting you to steal a little kiss. Candied grapefruit and caramel cremes undoubtably led to her ample bounties. Soda bread, brioche and madeleines at midday.cream soda and cinnamon toothpicks poked into bourbon candy. Pumpkin pie for desert, but the thinnest slice smothered in whipped cream. The other ratings led me to believe that she chews with her mouth open, but this belle has been to finishing school, and graduated with honors. A little more of her, and it's bedtime. Lights out at 10%. #kentucky #kentuckypumpkinbarrelale #barrelaged #pumpkinbeer — 4 years ago

McAuslan Brewing Co.

Pumpkin Ale

Homemade pumpkin pie! They got the nose just right on this! Clotted cream colored head moonscapes, with paramecium lacing a scuttling home before disappearing almost entirely. There is a dark peppery note as well. Tastes lighter than expected. But with plenty of spice spots lingering into receding points. Like a cinematographer zooming out from each experience, it gives the impression of bubbles blowing away as you reach backwards to a lemon oil and pumpkin cream soda core. Perhaps most pleasant is the sensational river-rock finish. #pumpkinbeer #stambroise #pumpkin #greatpumpkin — 4 years ago

Shipyard Brewing Co.

Smashed Pumpkin Ale

Pumpkin prominent, as are cinnamon, cardamom and allspice. Cedar Plank, toasted corn and roasted gourd. Unctuous mouthfeel that is rich. Maple syrup, brown sugar and malt, golden raisin, creamy pumpkin, chai latte, with a little pepper spicing up the finish. #pumpkinbeer #pumpkinale #shipyard #smashedpumpkin #shipyardbrewery #pumpkin #seasonalbeer #beer — a year ago

Cigar City Brewing

Good Gourd Imperial Pumpkin Ale 2016

It is Pumpkin time Jack! Better than a knife in the eye! Warm creme brûlée scents ooze through the oily cedar spice and cinnamon apple fragrances. Creamy textured, baked pear and caramel notes with a vanilla finish. Cut deep and let out your inner ancestor! #pumpkin #cigarcitybrewing #goodgourd #pumpkinbeer — 3 years ago


Imperial Pumpkin Ale

Burning pine nettle. Juniper, cinnamon, allspice. Headlong tumble into a briar patch of allspice, mint, star anise, peppercorn, gunpowder tea, valerian root, sarsaparilla, tin can, juniper revisited, green dye. Burly offering. Tastes like a river full of cyborg Devils. #weyerbacher #pumpkinbeer #pumpkin #imperialpumpkin — 4 years ago

Crown Valley Brewing

Imperial Pumpkin Smash Stout

Headless horseman! Just a tonshure of cappuccino rimming the parameter. Bourbon, pecan and caramel, sarsaparilla, mocha, and toasted sunflower seeds. Continued root suggestions with ginger and more sarsaparilla, vanilla, toffee, burnt brown sugar and tinged cinnamon stick. The dark gourd suggestions still manage to surface. Sacrificial pumpkins consumed in tar-sand fires and pecan pie filling. The dark finish glistens like eel sauce. #crownvalleybrewing #stout #imperialpumpkin #pumpkin #pumpkinbeer #smashable #seasonalbeer — 2 years ago

Unita Brewing Company

Oak Jacked Imperial Pumpkin Ale

Candied, gelatinous orange slices, caramel apple, heavy oak masking vanilla until lemon oil rises up like smoke to obfuscate all but a maple-y burnt sugar aroma. Creamy bourbon into an almost brandy Alexander that explodes with pumpkin purée and accompanying pie spices. Gets very smoky, and peppery in a molé manner. Overly rich with brown sugar, burnt toast, coriander, orange bitters, marshmallow, Anaheim pepper, tree bark, allspice, rosemary, and a slew of other spices. A lot to finish with. Whew!! The pumpkin is there, though!!! #pumpkinbeer #jacked #crookedline — 4 years ago

Heavy Seas

The Greater Pumpkin Ale

I really like the triple interplay on this cloven Satyr. Bourbon, pumpkin and finally pie spices. The vanillin buoys the whole thing and the clove pokes out behind candied citrus and Apple. Big vanillin opening. Caramel, and an amazing balance aided by the recurring bourbon which tempers the cream soda. Everything just right with this one. #pumpkinbeer #pumpkin #imperialpumpkin — 4 years ago