Southern Tier Brewing Company

Imperial Pumking Ale

Surprisingly light colored head that sprung up like a ghost and then shot back down to a smoky whisper. Rum notes with caramel cream in the lead; spun sugar, cinnamon and clove with yogurt pretzel and honeyed tea. Spicy entry boasts sweetness but not overwhelming. Pumpkin oil, vanilla, oaky caramel, cinnamon and bitter note that suggests charred pecan, and peppercorns. This beer is good because it doesn’t stay sweet throughout and instantly congers the autumnal spirit. It doesn’t get too artificial, borrowing most of its flavors from barrel. #pumpkin #pumpkinbeer #ale #SouthernTier #imperialpumpkin #pumking #beer #seasonalbeer #oakaged #halloween #alehallows — 2 years ago

Anderson Valley Brewing Company

Summer Solstice Ale

Soft as carrot cake sans the icing, with a special clover honey nuance. Lingering grapefruit essence but with the sweetness intact. Creamy dud to salivation triggers, but a real beach beer if there ever was one. Rating this high for that reason. Clean, and clear as a blue sky, with whipped cream clouds. #AndersonValleySummerSolstice #beachbeer #BahlHornin #AndersonValleyBrewing #SeasonalBeer — 5 years ago

Shipyard Brewing Co.

Smashed Pumpkin Ale

Pumpkin prominent, as are cinnamon, cardamom and allspice. Cedar Plank, toasted corn and roasted gourd. Unctuous mouthfeel that is rich. Maple syrup, brown sugar and malt, golden raisin, creamy pumpkin, chai latte, with a little pepper spicing up the finish. #pumpkinbeer #pumpkinale #shipyard #smashedpumpkin #shipyardbrewery #pumpkin #seasonalbeer #beer — 2 years ago

Bell's Brewery

Christmas Ale

Husky barley and wheat germ, American coffee, toast and malt. Creamy iced coffee/tea mix, with a citrus and honey that refresh. Really kind of pleasant this late in the game, though I fear something spicy may have dropped out. #datedbeer #christmas #ale #seasonalbeer — 4 years ago

Crown Valley Brewing

Imperial Pumpkin Smash Stout

Headless horseman! Just a tonshure of cappuccino rimming the parameter. Bourbon, pecan and caramel, sarsaparilla, mocha, and toasted sunflower seeds. Continued root suggestions with ginger and more sarsaparilla, vanilla, toffee, burnt brown sugar and tinged cinnamon stick. The dark gourd suggestions still manage to surface. Sacrificial pumpkins consumed in tar-sand fires and pecan pie filling. The dark finish glistens like eel sauce. #crownvalleybrewing #stout #imperialpumpkin #pumpkin #pumpkinbeer #smashable #seasonalbeer — 2 years ago

Boulevard Brewing Company

Nut Cracker Ale

Chestnut colored with a sea sponge crown and cobweb lacing. Hazelnut and spun sugar fragrances with a malted powder scent. Crispy rice and milk chocolate in liquid form with a malt and honey interplay. Cocoa powder and nutmeg coat the tongue. #nutcrackerale #boulevardbrewing #kcbeer #seasonalbeer — 4 years ago