Sixpoint Brewery

Barrel Aged Righteous Ale

Solid crown just off-white and slow to dissipate. Caramel and vanilla scrawled on oak, rubber band and pencil with golden apple and just a dusting of cinnamon. Tropical notes of dried pineapple, lemon cookie, peach skin, mocha and ripe butternut. Creamy, and initially caramel, but descends to tamarind, ginger, bitter orange, star anise, dark toasted oak, cinnamon bark, lemon zest, and finally rounds out to vanilla bean. Sublime walk through a jungle at sunset, ripe, pungent, seductive and still plenty of machete fodder. #sixpoint #righteousale #brooklyn #rye #barrelaged #ale #beer #dankbeer #doublewood #doublebarrel #righteous — a year ago

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Wonderful taking note. Just nailed it.

Sixpoint Brewery

Sensi Harvest Ale 2015

Paul Klee collaborated with Kenny Scharf on the lacing while playing Qbert in ghost-mode. Lemon-sugar and mixed-pith on calcite, orange blossom honey, and hibiscus inform the bouquet. Bee pollen and dark bamboo roll into a hoppy, resin ball with milkweed and sea spray, in a dance to determine the force of earth's wobble. Just another day on the planet. #sixpoint #harvest — 4 years ago