The Larimer

99 Problems but a Peach Ain't One Sour Ale

Light peach with pineapple longings, cut red apple, and cobbler softness from my nose in the can-hole. Spritzy peach and kiwi palate that is decidedly non-complex. Save this for hot and humid summer days. Sour fans might see just a medical sliver of ginger in the mix, maybe lime and little else. Depends on your prerequisites, but just a little light for a sour. #sourbeer #beer #sorale #99problemsbutpeachaintone #tgeLarimer #peach #peaches #denver #coloradobeer — a year ago

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De Proefbrouwerij

To Øl Rødgrød Med Fløde Fruit Beer

TO ØL Rødgrød med fløde! Alpenglow colored head with sporadic Dubuffet lacing. Lemon peel, orange pith and carrot cake notes and a biological note that shimmers like salmon eggs full of clean minerals. Crisp mouthfeel with lemon oil bouncing off the roof of your mouth, while berries emerge, dry out, dissipate and repeat with each berry unique in the progression; strawberry, raspberry, cranberry, blueberry. Then enclosed in tangerine, white apricot, lemon, and grapefruit for a refreshingly satisfying finish that must have resembled Eziekiel's vision, but with berry-skulls. #TOØL #belgianbeer #sourale #sourbeer #sourbeers — 2 years ago

Grassroots Brewing

Convivial Suaréz

Funky raspberry rubber and ruby red and blood orange citrus b-sides. Apple seed, raspberry skin, red pepper sinew, fleeting window of tart raspberry fruit before closing into the funk fog. Cleanest hibiscus finish to a funkie yet! This is an absolutely sexy beer! #funk #sourbeer #funkybeer — 4 years ago

Madeline Josh BehamCourtney Kline
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Bruery Terreux

Gypsy Tart Flemish-Style Brown Ale 2015

Underripe plum, rhubarb, bing cherry and its blossoms, and the faintest aged balsamic. Raisin, date and chicory bouquet. Malt and cola stir beneath the black, betel depths. Tart plum, sour raspberry, sour cherry, black lime, soy sauce, malt, bitter blackberry. This is complex fare full of riches. #sour #sourale #sourbeer #tarty #flemishale #brown #flemish #BrueryTerreux #FamilleRue #gypsytart — a year ago

Orange Belt Brewing

Together For Togetherness

Crisp, white, young apricot, Saigon cinnamon nougat, smells foamy, or 'creamy' as Nate notes. Creaminess persists on palatial entry, vanilla, with a clove and apricot undertone. Phenomenal!!!! #sourbeer #sourale #barrelaged #barrelbeer #dankbeer — 2 years ago

Coturri Winery

Sandocino North Coast Red Blend

Wow! The sour beer of wine! Bubblegum suspended over growing spearmint with flavored eraser. If cork shoes stomped dank grapes, and then ran through wildflowers! Balsamic droplets announce the advent of pickled peach, essence of pear, dried bing cherry, but so much more! Bitter dried flowers, and extreme lingering aromatic herbs and spices innumerable! #coturri #winecraft #sourbeer
— 3 years ago

Emily LundieBryant BickelCourtney Kline
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Bryant Bickel

Bryant Bickel Influencer Badge

All day every god damn day! Honey hole wine, just spot on.

Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales

Bamarillo Hopped saison Sour Biere

Dried apricot and fresh guava nose with lemongrass. Frosted glass lacing below soft dashes. Briny, dried lemon peel, sunflower oil, pine nuts and nettle dust. Bee pollen and softened lead. Just a hint of briny pepper. #jollypumpkin #sourbeer #oakaged #beer #sour #bier — 2 years ago

Boulevard Brewing Company

Love Child No. 5 Sour Ale

Oceanic agar suspends a muted, pickled peach and matches with fruit bat guano, pine chips, coffee, cardamom and white pepper aromas. Underripe bing cherries, toasty apricot, clove, scorched lemon, blood orange, underripe tangerine, grapefruit and kumquat: a particularly sour, yellow one. Decidedly different than the one I had last year; better perhaps! #boulevardbrewing #sourale #sourbeer #sourbeers #lovechild #numberfive #dankbeer — 2 years ago

Boulevard Brewing Company

Love Child No. 5 Sour Ale

Orange bitters in sour boullion, with a honey recess carved into the funky sweet potato and snap pea. Less sweet than 5: less brown sugar. This has an ethereal citrus that borders grapefruit and pickled apricots spin in an eddy of complex depth below. It manifests as tart citrus fruit in its final tide, but there is an interesting paste that serves as the whitewater. #sourale #sourbeer #lovechild #boulevardbrewing — 4 years ago

Madeline Josh BehamCourtney Kline
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Crane Brewing Company

Orange Gose Style Ale

Mango, pineapple, white grapefruit, star fruit, white pepper, bold orange aromatics. Peppery flavors, lemon pith, grapefruit. Green orange, tart lime, caraway. Great depth here! Funk interwoven to perfection. #sourbeer #kcbeer — 4 years ago