Boulevard Brewing Company

Love Child No. 5 Sour Ale

Oceanic agar suspends a muted, pickled peach and matches with fruit bat guano, pine chips, coffee, cardamom and white pepper aromas. Underripe bing cherries, toasty apricot, clove, scorched lemon, blood orange, underripe tangerine, grapefruit and kumquat: a particularly sour, yellow one. Decidedly different than the one I had last year; better perhaps! #boulevardbrewing #sourale #sourbeer #sourbeers #lovechild #numberfive #dankbeer — 2 years ago

De Proefbrouwerij

To Øl Rødgrød Med Fløde Fruit Beer

TO ØL Rødgrød med fløde! Alpenglow colored head with sporadic Dubuffet lacing. Lemon peel, orange pith and carrot cake notes and a biological note that shimmers like salmon eggs full of clean minerals. Crisp mouthfeel with lemon oil bouncing off the roof of your mouth, while berries emerge, dry out, dissipate and repeat with each berry unique in the progression; strawberry, raspberry, cranberry, blueberry. Then enclosed in tangerine, white apricot, lemon, and grapefruit for a refreshingly satisfying finish that must have resembled Eziekiel's vision, but with berry-skulls. #TOØL #belgianbeer #sourale #sourbeer #sourbeers — 2 years ago

Odell Brewing Company

Piña Agria Sour Pineapple Ale

O'Dells sour pineapple is Florida compost pile lovely, with heavy pineapple funk! Asparagus micturition with frosting? Lively/Crazy active/petulant with sour pineapple core. Lemon pith, grapefruit pith and pickled yellow pepper essence drying into a chalky spore circus. #sourbeers #sourale #sour #odells — 4 years ago

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