Cherry vinegar, underripe and liqueur of apricot, strawberry blossom, cinnamon apples, raspberry tea. Underripe apricots, underripe raspberry, apple-pear vinegar, a date and fig follow. Pure tanuki sauce; monk's milk. #sour #odells #oakaged — 4 years ago

Odell Brewing Company

Piña Agria Sour Pineapple Ale

O'Dells sour pineapple is Florida compost pile lovely, with heavy pineapple funk! Asparagus micturition with frosting? Lively/Crazy active/petulant with sour pineapple core. Lemon pith, grapefruit pith and pickled yellow pepper essence drying into a chalky spore circus. #sourbeers #sourale #sour #odells — 5 years ago

Madeline Josh BehamCourtney Kline
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