St. Bernardus

Pater 6 2016

Darkest brown patched with bubbles as lichens. Magnificent and noble head of sable; loose cartography of lacing. Brown sugar, dark, grainy malt and leather that all turns smoky with a swirl. Dry tobacco whiffs and roasted beets and grilled sprouts and caramelized onion. Light of touch in autumn woods, with applewood, cedar and late afternoon shadows of vanilla bean, caramel thread counts, clove smoke, and light malts to nicely bundle and button the parcel. These perfumes of devotion are lifted on wildflower scrub. #trappist #trappisten #stbernarduspster6 #abbeyale #peter6 #belgianbeer #bier #biere #birra #ale #brstbdrnard — 3 months ago

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Cantillon Brewery

Rosé De Gambrinus Raspberry Lambic

NV while looking at the worldcup football game Belgium - Tunesië, this is an excellent beer to enjoy. What a treat! Partnered it with paté de campagne & cornichons. #belgianbeer Brewery in Brussels — 2 years ago

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Peter van den Besselaar

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@Severn Goodwin present of my daughter who lives in Belgium 🙃
Willem Jan Withagen

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Best brewery for lambic. Spontanius fermentation with typical native yeasts from the surrounding air. Can t get much better

Deschutes Brewery

Pinot Suave Belgian Style Ale

Maxwell Burns

If you like Belgian style beers and Oregon pinot you will like this 🍷🍺. #deschutes #oregonpinot #belgianbeer — 4 years ago

Avery Brewing Company

Twenty Two Fermented Dry-Hopped Wild Ale

PSA: #brettanomyces in #craftbeer does NOT automatically mean #sourbeer ! This 100% #brett #BelgianBeer inspired Avery Ann'y #Ale is a 0% #horseblanket, 100% enjoyable, dry, stonefruit-driven delight. Funk is often a product of competing yeasts (ie sacch vs brett). If you had to physically fight for finite resources, wouldn't you get sweaty & smelly too? — 5 years ago

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Brasserie Dupont

Vieille Provision Saison Dupont Belgian Farmhouse Ale

Active peach-gold and inscrutably, near opaque, with an arrogantly vaulted, whited foam tower, unblemished by human tears; clinging lacing like dish soap suds, tear raggedly to silhouettes of prehistoric headbutts. Soapy breastmilk and citrus rising on yeast, grapefruit pith peeled thinly, clover rolls just browning, and leather fringes. Lively mouthfeel as expected. Lime pith and grapefruit with papery ginger slices, orange zest, magnolia, carrot bread, straw, zucchini spirals, ginseng, and banana peel. Complex rusticity. .
#vieilleprovision #saisondupont #brasseriedupont #belgianale #belgianbeer #belgianfarmhouseale #belgium #beer #bier #biere #birra #cerveza #cerveja #ale #farmhouse #farmhouseale #farmhousestyle
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@David Kline David nice post Cheers 🍷

Brasserie de Blaugies

Darbyste Ale brewed with Fig Juice

Big, just-off-white crown lingers over dark, orange-amber, but once it resides is nearly laceless with isolated organic, punctuating archipelagos. Initial, buttery nutritional yeast, crystalline mangrove honey, magnolias, marigold, candied lemon peel and sweet rosemary, but don't let the fig addition and the sweet aromatics fool you; sour and underripe complexity ensues. Medium-heavy, unfiltered mouthfeel feels petulant, but swallows almost flat due to the dichotomy of dryness. Dried and underripe apricot combo, pineapple essence, gooseberry, chalk, snail shell, gravel dust, dried violets, fishbone, key lime, tangerine zest, and leek. A bright, green, mineral-driven offering. #farmcharm #saison #Darbyste #biere #bier #beer #brasseriedeblaugies #artisinale #nonfiltre #wit #blanche #bierdarbyste #belgian #belgianbeer #familyowned — 3 years ago

To Øl

Mr. Pink

You can smell the lychee and guava but I first thought passion fruit. It’s like a jungle sometimes. Chords of ruby grapefruit shine through with Orange blossom honey, apricot and clementine. Packs some pucker power with lemon and grapefruit leading; hibiscus, and tangerine on the heels with lemon and orange peel hugging on the heels. Tart and dry with a marigold finish. #toøl #MrPink #BerlinerWeisse #beer #bier #Belgium #belgianbeer #lychee #guava #pureguava — 2 years ago

Brasserie de l’Abbaye du Val-Dieu

Val-Dieu Cuvée Spéciale 800 ans 2016

Peruvian salt crystals, brioche, and fittingly: beer. Hints of Egyptian musk. The aromas are constantly changing. Leather and bee pollen with a soap note. Golden and cloudy with a persistently sudsy head. Salinity is evident. Grapefruit, iron, sunflower seed, and a big yeast presence with lingering breaded stuffed clam misted with butter and all wrapped in grape leaf. #valdieu #belgianbeer #abbeyale #trappiste #trappist #monkjunk #cuvee800 #yeastbeast — 2 years ago

De Proefbrouwerij

To Øl Rødgrød Med Fløde Fruit Beer

TO ØL Rødgrød med fløde! Alpenglow colored head with sporadic Dubuffet lacing. Lemon peel, orange pith and carrot cake notes and a biological note that shimmers like salmon eggs full of clean minerals. Crisp mouthfeel with lemon oil bouncing off the roof of your mouth, while berries emerge, dry out, dissipate and repeat with each berry unique in the progression; strawberry, raspberry, cranberry, blueberry. Then enclosed in tangerine, white apricot, lemon, and grapefruit for a refreshingly satisfying finish that must have resembled Eziekiel's vision, but with berry-skulls. #TOØL #belgianbeer #sourale #sourbeer #sourbeers — 3 years ago