The Larimer

99 Problems but a Peach Ain't One Sour Ale

Light peach with pineapple longings, cut red apple, and cobbler softness from my nose in the can-hole. Spritzy peach and kiwi palate that is decidedly non-complex. Save this for hot and humid summer days. Sour fans might see just a medical sliver of ginger in the mix, maybe lime and little else. Depends on your prerequisites, but just a little light for a sour. #sourbeer #beer #sorale #99problemsbutpeachaintone #tgeLarimer #peach #peaches #denver #coloradobeer — 8 days ago

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Quad Belgian Style Quadrupel Ale

Headless, and Spanish brandy in color. Chocolate and caramel with orange zest. Sweet cinnamon, amarula, cola and clove. Marmalade on toast and a slice of pumpkin pie in the nose in a thick malt mist. Rich and heady with raisins and brown sugar, toffee and cinnamon toast, but dark and decadent, oozing pecan pie between Turkish coffee and fig paste. Nuttiness prevails with burnt almond, pecan and maple nut. Tea and coffee meld with a distant lemon-orange and vanilla with a resin and acanthus finish. #Weyerbacher #quad #belgianstyle #Quadruple #abv #beer #ale #belgianamerican — a month ago

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To Øl

Mr. Blue Saison with Blueberries

A blood orange and a lemon had a baby here, with beautiful blueberry eyes! It’s rhubarb pink hair smells like peaches and apricot flowers. It’s skin is beet red, bordering on blood,and it barely weighs more than a carton of cranberries. Although...Now that I’ve had time to babysit this little urchin, I realize its deceptive quality. There is a tea-like depth to this one, with shimmering ginseng, rhubarb concentrate, black lime and bitter cherry, cassis and black currant.
Its soul is shadowy, but its intentions innocent enough. Crawl with it through the brambly-wood, discover the black leaves of autumn’s demise where stark trees posture gruesomely.
Laugh, and discover the handful of black pomegranate arils and the promise of eternity.
#beer #toøl #mrblue #reservoirdogs #blueberry #alienbaby #fruitbomb #saison #weird #rye #saisonstyle
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Big Top Brewing Company

Ashley Gang Imperial India Pale Ale

Gorgeous amber that approaches opacity. White chalk line crown with cosmic bubbles clustering. Candied grapefruit and pretzel nose becomes tangerine marmalade on wheat germ. Drops like a grapefruit gumdrop into cigar box with cedar and sweet tea murmurs, and proves a lovely complement to the malt sugars which somehow come off as raw granules. All the sweet notes extend to a point like a psychedelic pencil that writes in wheatgrass tannin and molasses burnt onto cast iron. Just what I needed to kickstart my brain. What!!!? 9.8% alc. scratch the kickstart, we just hit 60! #ipa #imperialipa #ale #oakaged #bigtopbrewingcompany #Sarasota #flbeer #beer #floridabeer #florida #indiapaleale #AshleyGang #brainbeer #hops #abv — 12 days ago

Orpheus Brewing

Immortality of Nothingless

Delicious 🍒 sour #beer lots of bourbon wood finish. Couldn’t love this more. Aged 4 years in rye barrels — 2 months ago

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Lagunitas Brewing Company

Hop Stoopid Ale

Buttery, candied grapefruit and pineapple, lemon marshmallow, aloe, beeswax candle, juniper berry and pine parchment aromatically. Fluff biscuit head that pontificated amidst perimeter chatter leaving scrawl and stalactites. Creamy with burnt points like baked Alaska. Yammy and browned with sugar before pulling apart to cola, egg cream and bitter chocolate with electric malt shadows. Gum Arabic and pine sap are just the catalysts to this green pinecone and sweet grass turned bitter almond, and oregano oil medicine rinse. Kicks out all the head fog that ails you, and replaces it with resin and tar. Sinus meds. #Lagunitas #hopstoopid #ale #ibu #ibuubme #102ibu4u #LagunitasBrewing #abv #beer #bitter #headmeds — 2 months ago

Swamp Head Brewery

Big Nose India Pale Ale

Antique-golden amber just under opaque. Home air filter head that dissolved like culinary foam. Rusty can of honey, date bread, candied grapefruit peel, caramelized banana, a tiny suggestion of spray adhesive and very pleasant lemongrass soap, baked pineapple alongside fresh rind of pineapple. Very aromatic. Allspice and nutmeg entry stay in the bitter stratosphere with a wicker basket taste beneath this bitter orange balloon. A bit of palatal rhinoplasty is needed here to navigate over the summit of this big stone nose and its flat grapefruit, orange peel and bitter pecan. Watch the treetops! We’re losing altitude! #swampheadbrewery #swamphead #floridabeer #florida #beer #ipa #ale #abv #ibu — 4 months ago

Heavy Seas Beer

Plank IV

Grainy date and fig with malty caramel, hot cocoa with cinnamon and dark honey, anise and dark cacao, bitter coffee foam, and copper aromas. Malty entry with rich gingerbread and black sugar. Citrus chocolate interplay, boasting orange peel and candied lemon but shadowed by sarsaparilla and cola, black bread, allspice and pecan with black strap molasses. #barrelaged #4wood #heavyseas #unchartedwaters #plankIV #beer #quads #belgianquad #belgianstyle #oakaged #abv #quadrupel #2016 — a month ago

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To Øl

Mr. Pink

You can smell the lychee and guava but I first thought passion fruit. It’s like a jungle sometimes. Chords of ruby grapefruit shine through with Orange blossom honey, apricot and clementine. Packs some pucker power with lemon and grapefruit leading; hibiscus, and tangerine on the heels with lemon and orange peel hugging on the heels. Tart and dry with a marigold finish. #toøl #MrPink #BerlinerWeisse #beer #bier #Belgium #belgianbeer #lychee #guava #pureguava — 2 months ago

Lord Hobo Brewing Company

Glorious Galaxy Pale Ale

Pours opaque and agitated with an instantaneous, snowy flattop. It subsequently flattens to a skim of tiny, loose white bubbles, most hugging the rim. Very bold and tropical nose of pineapple, Meyer lemon and clementine with a bit of lemon bread and glazed carrot thrown in for good measure. Chamomile tea and hemp flour in the middle, as lemongrass ultimately sharpens its otherwise soft edges aromatically. Quartz and metallic mineral textures transform citrus to crystal lemon and grapefruit with a nitric element. Grape leaf, lime and candied basil with green pansy flavors and bitter lime marmalade. #glorious #lordhobo #galaxypaleale #beer #ale #hops #lordhobobrewing #paleale #massachusetts #brew — 3 months ago