Toppling Goliath Brewing Company

Pseudo Sue Galaxy Dry Hopped Pale Ale

Thought I already rated this one, but...drinking. A hazy lil number with a fluffy quilt on top sewn from grapefruit pith. Bright, fresh, tangerine and grapefruit nose, with candied grapefruit peel, lime kefir, and zippy lime zest. Smells like summer! Citrus tangy on the palate as well, with ruby grapefruit deconstruction separating peel from pulp and pith, and cosmic zest shimmering like stardust. Quince, lime slices, lemon with a touch of sugar, dried orange, dried mango, white pepper and edible flower or snap pea, green banana turn to clean fruit married to a bitter finish. Really great beer, with acids calling out salivary catalysts, for a mouth coating, lip smacking interplay. This has such an elegant balance, it seems like something squeezed straight out of the jungle. .
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— 5 months ago

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Cigar City Brewing

Jai Alai White Oak India Pale Ale

Spongy, bubbling crown of clown hair that bubbles away into an aurora without significant lacing; just the odd outcropping. Orange pith and lemon vie against carrot and pineapple upside down cakes. Hempseed, ginger and and a touch of cypress cameo with grapefruit seed aromas. Less creamy than in the past, with the sense of orange bitters through the lifespan. Pecan shell, cigar box, grapefruit oil, nettle, pronounced oak toast, and metallic lemon. Somehow different from years past. Maybe American oak lending a Spanish moss dryness to the finish. #cigarcitybrewing #whiteoakjaialai #jaialai #ipa #beer #paleale #indiapaleale #florida #ale #oakaged #ccb #oakonthis #beerprudence — 2 years ago

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Innis & Gunn

Limited Edition Mangoes On The Run Mango IPA

Pugnacious head puffs it’s billowy chest. Egg white and and foamy, with a tea colored translucence. Wave top lacing. Orange blossom and mango with grapevine and toast smells leads to sweet barley malt and tangerine. The mango is strong in the mouth, but not sweet. Tons of lemon oil, lime peel, and sweet grapefruit from the hops come out, but still it shows restraint (literally the earmark of every beer style these folks make) and balance. It is fruity, but never steers far from the earthy realm of beer. Opening and closing within the canon, and doing so with an ingredient far from its shores. Great work! Great Scot! .
#innisandgunn #mangoesontherun #mangoipa #ipa #beer #bier #biere #birra #craftbrewed #scottishbeer #scotland #indiapaleale #sonofagun #paleale #fruitbeer
— 6 months ago

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Burlington Beer Company

Peasant King Double India Pale Ale

Huge grapefruit-tangerine tambourine clanging away at the intakes, with a sweet gasoline note pushed through pirouettes. Light vanilla, ginger, and lemon Madeline. Creamy mouthfeel, with lovely lime, grapefruit pudding, lemon peel, and cedar shavings. #peasantking #vermont #dipa #ipa #paleale #dankbeer — 2 years ago

Brewery Ommegang

Great Beyond IPA

Cedar plank smothered in crystalline wildflower honey, peppery-sage, and essences of the citrus rainbow as well as salty, pickled, yellow, watermelon rind in particle airspace. Hoppy, hoppy agro pine amber and lemongrass oil. A bit too aggressive, but still some late echoes of tangerine charm that shimmers with bright green spots of intense mustard leaf, ginger, garlic oil and onion goo. Punji sticks in the root garden! #dipa #doubleipa #ipa #ommegang #greatbeyond #paleale #isitmeyourelookingfor #lionalrichie — 3 years ago

Parish Brewing Company

Ghost In The Machine Imperial IPA

Pure, white grapefruit juice color, with whipped-to-peaks egg white top that sticks for sheet lacing of anatomical figure silhouettes. Bright orange, sweet grapefruit and peach blossom scents. Magnolia, jasmine and daisy perfumes. Perfectly balanced mouthfeel delivers grapefruit-creamsicle with bits of lemon peel in a marmalade pudding entry. This beauty turns on lime and juicy grapefruit with a dash of white pepper, lemon oil, tangerine, and an awesome burst of vivacious and near-effervescent lemon tart and grapefruit soda. Ultimately holds true to beer with notes of barley, touch of malt, hop textures, lemongrass and fresh oregano. Really sexy ipa here, might improve with a little bottle rest too! Will revisit, if still available. #parishbrewing #parishbrewingco #ghostinthemachine #ghostinthemachinedipa #Labeer #beer #biere #birra #bier #ale #paleale #dankbeer #indiapaleale #ipa #dipa #doubleipa #broussardla #hops #abv — 6 months ago

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Lord Hobo Brewing Company

Glorious Galaxy Pale Ale

Pours opaque and agitated with an instantaneous, snowy flattop. It subsequently flattens to a skim of tiny, loose white bubbles, most hugging the rim. Very bold and tropical nose of pineapple, Meyer lemon and clementine with a bit of lemon bread and glazed carrot thrown in for good measure. Chamomile tea and hemp flour in the middle, as lemongrass ultimately sharpens its otherwise soft edges aromatically. Quartz and metallic mineral textures transform citrus to crystal lemon and grapefruit with a nitric element. Grape leaf, lime and candied basil with green pansy flavors and bitter lime marmalade. #glorious #lordhobo #galaxypaleale #beer #ale #hops #lordhobobrewing #paleale #massachusetts #brew — 2 years ago

Three (3) Floyds Brewing Co.

Alpha King Pale Ale

Orange-banana sponge cake, sweet mud, ripe pear, tapioca, doughy ruby grapefruit, sixlets nose. Blood oranges with a strawberry shadow, raw chocolate and bee pollen baked with brown sugar and vanilla extract reduction. Creamy and complex, this pale ale delivers golden raisin, cinnamon, clove and cocoa. The tropical notes reemerge on the finish, with a pineapple backdrop framing orange and banana and a lemongrass backbone. Brain coral lacing descends in a perfect champagne mousse. A lot to like here. #threefloyds #paleale #alphaking #apa — 4 years ago