Toppling Goliath Brewing Company

Pseudo Sue Galaxy Dry Hopped Pale Ale

Thought I already rated this one, but...drinking. A hazy lil number with a fluffy quilt on top sewn from grapefruit pith. Bright, fresh, tangerine and grapefruit nose, with candied grapefruit peel, lime kefir, and zippy lime zest. Smells like summer! Citrus tangy on the palate as well, with ruby grapefruit deconstruction separating peel from pulp and pith, and cosmic zest shimmering like stardust. Quince, lime slices, lemon with a touch of sugar, dried orange, dried mango, white pepper and edible flower or snap pea, green banana turn to clean fruit married to a bitter finish. Really great beer, with acids calling out salivary catalysts, for a mouth coating, lip smacking interplay. This has such an elegant balance, it seems like something squeezed straight out of the jungle. .
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— 3 months ago

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