Cycle Brewing

Crank IPA

Crank ipa is hazy cross of pink grapefruit juice. Opaque and milky. White and loose-bubbles lacing that holds together well, before ripping to a rounded torn rag paper. Grapefruit sweetness extends to the nose, with tangerine and orange essence. Touches of peach and lemon, and maybe daisies. Winning mouthfeel of citrus zing and stacks of acid, with a glandular response smoothing the edges like mined salt sans the flavor. Lime and grapefruit with chamomile and lemon, always shimmering on the tongue. This is not the most complex ipa, but it is certainly pleasant. It hides its alcohol well, and pedals like a well oiled machine. Downhill runs and flats. #beer #bier #biere #birta #ale #indiapaleale #IPA #crankipa #cyclebrewing #FLbeer #floridabeer #StPetersburgfl — 23 days ago

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Elysian Brewing

Space Dust IPA

Loose, frothy, hoary, blonde dome built on big bubbles. Navel orange, lemon dough, tangerine, and ruby grapefruit with a sweet side to the bouquet. Texturally perfect with a zesty pizzazz. Yellow grapefruit and lemon prevail here on the citrus flip side. All aboard, because every car of this train strains under the weight of these fruits, and goes on as far as the palate can see! There is a softer, lime interplay, and an interesting wheat germ moment that races by the windows of this Shinkansen. The lacing has devolved to pterodactyl heirlglyphs with dance moves painted by Dubuffet. Finally, after acclimation to the break-neck speeds of the time travel train, we arrive in the land of the lemon poppy eaters! Doest the Dust? Linger on! #elysianbrewing #spacedust #ipa #hoptillyoudrop #spacedustipa #indiapaleale — 2 years ago

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Big Top Brewing Company

Ashley Gang Imperial India Pale Ale

Gorgeous amber that approaches opacity. White chalk line crown with cosmic bubbles clustering. Candied grapefruit and pretzel nose becomes tangerine marmalade on wheat germ. Drops like a grapefruit gumdrop into cigar box with cedar and sweet tea murmurs, and proves a lovely complement to the malt sugars which somehow come off as raw granules. All the sweet notes extend to a point like a psychedelic pencil that writes in wheatgrass tannin and molasses burnt onto cast iron. Just what I needed to kickstart my brain. What!!!? 9.8% alc. scratch the kickstart, we just hit 60! #ipa #imperialipa #ale #oakaged #bigtopbrewingcompany #Sarasota #flbeer #beer #floridabeer #florida #indiapaleale #AshleyGang #brainbeer #hops #abv — a year ago

Civil Society Brewing

Schmedium Strawberry Pineapple IPA

Dried pineapple, tangerine, white grapefruit, whisper of butterscotch pudding entrenched in pear, apple and arboreal dried fruits aromatically. Fresh-cut ruby red, orange-grenadine, Meyer lemon, tangerine, kumquat, light pomelo, airy brine and frothy orange cream. Cloudy and colored like old white grapefruit juice; the head, popped initially and sank like the titanic. #schmedium #ipa #strawberryale #indiapaleale #civilsociety #slimpickens #collab #collaborationbeer — 3 years ago

Cigar City Brewing

Jai Alai White Oak India Pale Ale

Spongy, bubbling crown of clown hair that bubbles away into an aurora without significant lacing; just the odd outcropping. Orange pith and lemon vie against carrot and pineapple upside down cakes. Hempseed, ginger and and a touch of cypress cameo with grapefruit seed aromas. Less creamy than in the past, with the sense of orange bitters through the lifespan. Pecan shell, cigar box, grapefruit oil, nettle, pronounced oak toast, and metallic lemon. Somehow different from years past. Maybe American oak lending a Spanish moss dryness to the finish. #cigarcitybrewing #whiteoakjaialai #jaialai #ipa #beer #paleale #indiapaleale #florida #ale #oakaged #ccb #oakonthis #beerprudence — 2 years ago

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Stone Brewing Co.

Ruination Double IPA

Orange blossom honey golden, with a tall frothy peak of just, off-white that hangs like merengues. Toasty orange-vanilla wafers and a subtle lemon-poppyseed muffin, tangerine and squash tort are evoked, but nothing screaming from the glass. Usually, these Double IPAs are almost too aggressive, in fact I had the same beer several days ago (setting is everything: the drinking gestaltqualität) and felt raked over the hop coals. But this one is so different it warrants the full inspection. The grippy IPA entry has grapefruit and lemon pith, a peppercorn lick, limeade, and pine. Initially round it dries to briny crystals. There will be no scurvy on this ship awash in its citric swells! #stonebrewery #doubleipa #ipa #indiapaleale #devilscollection — 3 years ago