Tampa Bay Brewing Company

hopsilo series hazy india pale ale

Rosy grapefruit opacity, hi speed blender crowned, textured like a coat of paint. Oily lacing of connect-the-dots. Awesome jungle humidity suggesting banana and pineapple, sweet grapefruit and tangerine, coconut, marigold, candied lemon, honeycomb and jackfruit. Incredible entry of creamy banana and guava, lemon zest, with tiny glimpses of strawberry, cherry and raspberries, a dragonfruit texture, lemongrass sorbet, tangerine pulp, yellow mango, and finally miracle fruit transmogrification to balance the red and white with the vestiges of sweet ginger, tartaric biscuit, and coconut oil. Complex, evasive, evocative, hazy-creamy, razzy, racy and ethereal. One of the best IPAs I have had in 2020! Give these guys a trophy, and no, everyone does not get one!
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— 6 months ago

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Deschutes Brewery

Fresh Squeezed IPA

Fruity, tree bark, minerally, in that order on the palate. Smells like fresh sliced potatoes and lemongrass. Refined, and focused into an almost piney, yet sessionable deliciousness, that shouldn't be denigrated by words like 'sessionable', but asshats will say almost anything when slapped by real IPAs. Love it! Long, lingering, complexity, that borders on a cigar filled with medicinal herbs, to be blunt. #dank #ipa #deschutes — 6 years ago

Brenton BartzBryant BickelMadeline
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Blason du Rhone

Châteauneuf-du-Pape Red Rhone Blend 2015

One of the naughtiest numbers I’ve nibbled on in a long while #dank — 3 years ago

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Pete Schork

Pete Schork

Huge pickup!!


Brut Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru Champagne Chardonnay

Jamil C Williams

That #dank juice. #champagne — 6 years ago

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Believe it

Stone Brewing Co.

Enjoy By IPA

Oops! Enjoying on 6/1!! Honey basil jumps up the neck like bee vomit, sweet and herbal! Actually, this little lady is no old maid! She just has on an old dress (so last month-ish). The hops are grapefruit/orange, toothpick and lemongrass/honey. She is fading....there is papaya with cardamom. Sticks with you like smoke on a BBQ bone. Resinous and persistent! #stonebrewery #enjoyby420 #420beer #ipa #dank #devastatinglydank — 6 years ago

Thirsty Dog Brewing Company

Siberian Night Imperial Stout

Micro-mousse with pixilated lace. Nearly black, brown and opaque. Chicory coffee, near-burnt and boasting mesquite, cedar and extracted vanilla. Bitter entry softens to darkest rye. Burnt s’mores, intensely creamy, tobacco-leaf sweetness, Madagascar vanilla bean, oak tannin, burnt Boston baked bean. Throughout there is a bitter chocolate core and an over cooked-coffee, but it is not unpleasant, but a pleasant contrast to the striking creaminess. #thirstydog #imperialstout #stout #beer #dank #beerbeerbeer #abv — 3 years ago

Yeastie Boys

Digital IPA

Looks like apple cider, with a short buck shock white flattop of white foam, and arabesque lacing. The apple cider suggestion colors the bouquet, with lemon poppyseed cake and pineapple. Brusque mouthfeel becomes focused around a mineral and lemon toasted pretzel bread, with a waterfall-fresh rock essence and an orange blossom shadow. My new favorite Kiwi beer! Amazing stuff from Down Under and around the corner. #yeastieboys #ipa #newzealand #newzealandbeer #dank # — 6 years ago