Sierra Nevada Brewing Company

Celebration Fresh Hop IPA

Must admit to an affinity for this seasonal! Such a fresh and clean nose of malt and pine-y hops, lemon, lime and orange peels, candied ginger, and coriander. Vibrant mouthfeel, accentuated by citrus action, cola, savory, coffee oil, buckwheat bring the bitter, and the whole never deviates from ‘beer’ balance because the fresh hop refuses to overwhelm. . #beer #biere #birra #bier #sierranevada #sierranevadabrewing #sierranevadacelebration #celebrationipa #ipa #freshhopipa #chicoca #2019beer #winterbeer — a month ago

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Sierra Nevada Brewing Company

Celebration Fresh Hop Ale

Fast-moving fizz-fuzz that drops like a curtain to reveal a Dubuffet-esque remnant. Caramel and ginger, maple wood, golden raisin, cinnamon bread and baked pear nose. Raspy cedar, pointed nettle, pecan shell and walnut. Toasted wheat germ, orange bitters. The aforementioned slow-cooked into a potent amalgam. Winter wood trolls with tropical bounties stuffed into squirrel holes. Go nuts! #sierranevada #ipa #freshhops #celebrationipa — 4 years ago

Sierra Nevada Brewing Company

Hop Hunter Ipa

Rich orange blossom honey aromas tinged with ruby grapefruit marmalade. All that on toast soaked in olive oil. Pretty good start! Johnny Cash's spaghetti western breakfast. Bubble bath head, hoppy minerally, lemon zesty with a slight butterscotch and a warm wooden afterglow that finishes dry. My baby smells cat pee on the nose. Like being hunted by a big golden Mountain Lion. Everyone benefits from a balanced breakfast!! #SierraNevada #HopHunter #IPA — 5 years ago

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