Catoctin Creek

Roundstone Rye Organic Single Barrel Whisky

Ginger, caramel, baked green apple, poached pear, apple blossom, slight iodine, cinnamon, dried pineapple and sage aromas. Prickly entry with pine nettle, candied ginger, lemon oil, pineapple, orange peel, lime pith, cinnamon oil giving a capsaicin bite, oregano, rosemary and clove. Spicy and bold, neat. Chilies, eucalyptus and anise flutter behind. Numby. Nice dodge at the end avoids a medicinally disappointing finish. Good stuff. #rye #whisky #whiskey #ryewhiskey #ryewhisky #CatoctinCreek #catoctincreekroundstonerye #copperpotstill #vawhisky #potstill #singlebarrel — 10 months ago

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Willett Distillery

White Oak Barrel Aged 3 Years Barrel Straight Rye Whiskey

Warm vanilla and sherry trifle notes bordering on sponge cake with candied orange peel and cloves, as well as caramel apple, baked pear, baklava and bahri dates in this nose-feast. Hot entry with heavy oak that bites like a thorny rose stem, burnt brittle, toasted black sesame, leather whips, black pepper, vanilla bean, cedar, spicy tobacco with a squirt of grape seed extract, lingers on an wooden point that suggests cypress, but my mind returns to lac and wood stain, if they were edibles. There is also an igneous quality to the whole. The wooden Arrow of rye whiskey: Hot hot hot! #Willet #whiskey #whisky #rye #ryewhiskey #rarewhisky #barrel — 3 years ago

Sixpoint Brewery

Barrel Aged Righteous Ale

Solid crown just off-white and slow to dissipate. Caramel and vanilla scrawled on oak, rubber band and pencil with golden apple and just a dusting of cinnamon. Tropical notes of dried pineapple, lemon cookie, peach skin, mocha and ripe butternut. Creamy, and initially caramel, but descends to tamarind, ginger, bitter orange, star anise, dark toasted oak, cinnamon bark, lemon zest, and finally rounds out to vanilla bean. Sublime walk through a jungle at sunset, ripe, pungent, seductive and still plenty of machete fodder. #sixpoint #righteousale #brooklyn #rye #barrelaged #ale #beer #dankbeer #doublewood #doublebarrel #righteous — 3 years ago

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James Forsyth

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Wonderful taking note. Just nailed it.

Alltech Lexington Brewing And Distilling

Kentucky Rye Barrel IPA

Sliced ham and sea sponges, an apple sweetness, car leather, mussel shell, feet. That is the network of olfactory disparity that simultaneously confuses and entices. The beer drops hard, green pine cones on the tongue and rooftop. Liquid toast with touches of candied violet, rum cake and sweet tobacco. Rough entry and refined exit. Overall, a very interesting beer. #barrelbeer #ipa #barrelaged #rye — 5 years ago

High West Distillery

Campfire Whiskey

Gratefully less #campfire than anticipated. Spicy & dry neat, opening up to sweet hickory & prosciutto-wrapped melon on new leather interiors. Honestly, this #whiskey #bourbon #rye melange quite surprised me with likeability. — 6 years ago

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Jim Trobaugh

Jim Trobaugh

We have a place in Park City, great place to eat and drink!

To Øl

Mr. Blue Saison with Blueberries

A blood orange and a lemon had a baby here, with beautiful blueberry eyes! It’s rhubarb pink hair smells like peaches and apricot flowers. It’s skin is beet red, bordering on blood,and it barely weighs more than a carton of cranberries. Although...Now that I’ve had time to babysit this little urchin, I realize its deceptive quality. There is a tea-like depth to this one, with shimmering ginseng, rhubarb concentrate, black lime and bitter cherry, cassis and black currant.
Its soul is shadowy, but its intentions innocent enough. Crawl with it through the brambly-wood, discover the black leaves of autumn’s demise where stark trees posture gruesomely.
Laugh, and discover the handful of black pomegranate arils and the promise of eternity.
#beer #toøl #mrblue #reservoirdogs #blueberry #alienbaby #fruitbomb #saison #weird #rye #saisonstyle
— 3 years ago

Thomas H. Handy

Sazerac Straight Rye Whiskey


Baby it's cold outside. ⛄️
#rye #handy
— 5 years ago

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Bill Bender

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Did you employ the apothecary style bitters?


I did. Those are on the other side of the block. There hella good.


Reserve Small Batch Rye Whiskey

A rustic, peppery Rye Whiskey from South Carolina. Great price. My go-to rye. #rye #whiskey #darbysreserve #delectableapp — 6 years ago


10 Year Straight Rye Whiskey

Vanilla, dried fruits and caramel . Insanely smooth for a rye . #whistlepig #rye — 6 years ago