Orange Belt Brewing

Together For Togetherness

Crisp, white, young apricot, Saigon cinnamon nougat, smells foamy, or 'creamy' as Nate notes. Creaminess persists on palatial entry, vanilla, with a clove and apricot undertone. Phenomenal!!!! #sourbeer #sourale #barrelaged #barrelbeer #dankbeer — 3 years ago

Alltech Lexington Brewing And Distilling

Kentucky Rye Barrel IPA

Sliced ham and sea sponges, an apple sweetness, car leather, mussel shell, feet. That is the network of olfactory disparity that simultaneously confuses and entices. The beer drops hard, green pine cones on the tongue and rooftop. Liquid toast with touches of candied violet, rum cake and sweet tobacco. Rough entry and refined exit. Overall, a very interesting beer. #barrelbeer #ipa #barrelaged #rye — 4 years ago