To Øl

Mr. Blue Saison with Blueberries

A blood orange and a lemon had a baby here, with beautiful blueberry eyes! It’s rhubarb pink hair smells like peaches and apricot flowers. It’s skin is beet red, bordering on blood,and it barely weighs more than a carton of cranberries. Although...Now that I’ve had time to babysit this little urchin, I realize its deceptive quality. There is a tea-like depth to this one, with shimmering ginseng, rhubarb concentrate, black lime and bitter cherry, cassis and black currant.
Its soul is shadowy, but its intentions innocent enough. Crawl with it through the brambly-wood, discover the black leaves of autumn’s demise where stark trees posture gruesomely.
Laugh, and discover the handful of black pomegranate arils and the promise of eternity.
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— 2 years ago

Grosjean Frères

Vallée d'Aoste Gamay 2012

Mason Balistreri

One of the most bizarre wines I have tasted recently. We tried it blind and I could have swore it was pinotage with this blackberry, smokey, bacon and tabacco. The palate had some weird acidity and fuller body than most Gamay. #weird — 4 years ago

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Frank Cornelissen

Susucaru Seventh Edition Rosato Malvasia Blend

Even weirder than I thought. Sort of sweet-tart but not as flavorful as I hoped it would be. #weird — 4 years ago


Lunar Ribolla Gialla 2008

Mason Balistreri

Gotta love these crazy orange wines. This one has a pleasant amount of brett, and a bunch of lemon/orange zestiness! Very sour acidity and still drinking fresh after 8 years. #orangewine #natural #weird — 4 years ago

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Whitcraft Winery

4 Soils Santa Barbara County Pinot Noir 2013

Mason Balistreri

Even among the hipster-in-pursuit-of-balance elite in California there isn’t much out there that tastes as real as this bottle. It’s “natural” with a twist… Minimal SO2, gravity racked, unfiltered, unfined - EXCEPT there is yeast pitched from an isolated strain from the cellar of William & Seylam. Nice. They ferment, and they do it fast - in the field bins. Lightly extracted, and aged in NEUTRAL oak which let’s that weirdness shine through. Pretty delicious with wild sour berries, meaty herbs, pickled veggies and radish. Tasty and real. #natural #weird — 4 years ago

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Ryan Carey

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Great note. Gotta check this one out
Neil Barham

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I so wish I could find a BT in FL
Edmond Bordelon

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Great description. Have always been a fan of all of their wines.