Rogue Farms

Pumpkin Patch Ale

Cola brown with limited hairdo. Disembodied flying bubble-eye pops to galactic swirl and water Buffalo horns in a crescent then ghost trail. Gingerbread cupcake intro sports chunks of candied ginger and a ginseng twang surfing a graham cracker and date aspect. Nice bitter cinnamon bite to start the palate. Allspice and saffron bring their bitter sweets turning trick to treat and brown sugar mixes it up with spiced tea to bring it all home. Pumpkin is very prominent here, to appease the complainers, which is nice! Stop the bellyaching! .
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Rogue Ales

Batsquatch Hazy India Pale Ale

Merengue and lemon type pie haze trending toward gelèe. Top reflects the yellow highlights between large bubbles. Paul Klee meets the amoebae lacing. Honeycomb wax, meyer lemon, fruitcake pineapple, clean, fresh sliced white grapefruit, somehow sweet. Sunflower petals, corn flower, citrus flower, lime zest. Perfect mouthfeel has a tongue coating lemon marshmallow effect, with creamy citrus dichotomy, tangerine reduction of all its elements, lemon curd, grapefruit oil liqueur-ized, touches of citrus fruits shimmer into existence here then dim, to flare elsewhere on the palate. Clementine, navel orange, tangerine, kumquat, etc.; flashes. Bee pollen from citrus grove bees. Peach flower. Really decadent in its jewelry, but with an ivory milk-ness or banana smoothie as its catalyst. Somehow a cloudy sake in other ways, sweet and juicy, but balanced by the floral fang. .
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