Boulevard Brewing Company

Smokestack Series Dark Truth Stout

Black bear body with blonde grizzlies piled high, atop. Licorice, espresso bean, toffee, dark chocolate, burnt honey, dried violets, dried black cherries and rich malt aromas. Sarsaparilla taste, with dark, sweet coffee, dark chocolate, baked raisin, dried black cherry, dried black currant and licorice. Stupendously supple integration of all elements! The bitter bits are a perfect counterbalance. .
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— 3 months ago

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David Kline

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Really is. I used to get experimental bottles years ago under the original owner. Most never made it to production.
Severn Goodwin

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Lucky man you are.
David Kline

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Long time ago, unfortunately. Believe that may have been the original Smokestack impetus.

Crown Valley Brewing

Imperial Pumpkin Smash Stout

Ever one of the better pumpkin offerings. Medium Chocolate brown with mere tufts of ecru that retreats to a spiderweb study against a black backdrop and minuscule pointillist’s lacing of an unctuous nature. Buttery toffee and dark candy glass with treacle and molasses mix with mocha and brownie warmth. Earmarks of vanilla bean and nutmeg with the finest dusting of just heated red chili and cooking coffee greet the nose. Initially, chili-cinnamon warmth appear then fade to espresso and bourbon-caramels. Thick malts, and licorice resins in raisin and date purées and beet and brown sugars. Vanilla is the finish with perfect Connecticut wrapped cigar flavors to make this an exceptional treat! #crownvalley #crownvalleyimperialpumpkinstout #pumpkinbeer #stout #imperialstout #beer #bier #birra #MObeer #missouribeer — 5 months ago

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