Maison Pierre Naigeon

Chambertin Clos de Beze Grand Cru Pinot Noir 2009

2009. Tanned and healthy grand cru. Spicy holiday nose of clove and allspice with cinnamon sprinkles. Crumbly oak with mushrooms sprouting. Touch of mint and dried, red cherry. Tart cherry in a dervish with moist, dark tobacco. Incredible depth suggesting peppercorn dusted dried black raspberries, black cherry and truffle, baker chocolate and savory. This is a beefy slice of exquisiteness! Stunning!

#2009 #2009burgundy #burgundy #bourgogne #bourgognerouge #pierrenaigeon #gevreychambertin #chambertinclosdebeze #grandcru #vieillesvignes #pinotnoir #appellationchambertinclosdebezegrandcrucontrolée #monopole #singlevinyard #handpicked #handsorted #indigenousyeasts #unfiltered
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Pheasant's Tears

Kakheti Rkatsiteli

#unfiltered — 7 years ago

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Michael Meyer

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What the hell is Mishel up to?!?


Unfiltered Napa Valley Chardonnay 2013

Maybe the best of best in Cali Chardonnay . Drinks like a Montrachet #unfiltered magic — 7 years ago

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Domaine D'Ouréa

Vacqueyras Red Rhone Blend 2011

Mike Fifer

Whoa! A "biggin ". Decant this. Nose full of rich plum, dark cherry and black currant syrup. Notes of stewed plum, dirt, blackberry jam on palate. #decant #sediment #unfiltered #rhone #southernrhone #vacqueras — 8 years ago


Amon-Ra Barossa Valley Unfiltered Shiraz

Been awhile since I’ve had this big boy. Juicy-jammy, but reined in. Big blackberry was expected, and echoed on the palate, but dried blackberry, oregano, dried black currant, tobacco, Turkish coffee, dark chocolate and vanilla, make it decadent. Violets, smoke, allspice and leather keep it honest. Pleasantly satisfying and a welcome diversion. .
#barossa #barossavalley #AmonRa #amonra #benglaetzer #shiraz #unfiltered #aussiewine #australian #australianshiraz #aussiered
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Brauerei Max Leibinger GmbH


Cloudy and grey to red-brown Amber through the pour. Leesy-teasy. This voluminous lady sprung a shock white, unexpectedly pure pate. Cinnamon baked apple and caramel are soft suggestions initially. Barley and malt cameo as themselves with a whole jar of raw honey and ginger snap crumbles. These aromas are deceptive. She’s not that sweet, really. She snaps between a mineral texture and a pretzel bun with a Hawaiian bread middle. There is lingering almond butter after a briny lemon and a citrus tea that drags it all back. There is a decidedly German depth to the beer, which embraces a baked bread quality, but this is lean and sleek, sidestepping the heartburn of some styles. Hazelnut oil, almond flower, pecan, and sunflower seed persist in a lees-y postlude. #brauereimaxliebinger #unfiltered #zeppelin #germanbeerday #deutschland #Deutschebier #bier #beer #lees #strangebrew #gettheLedout #Hindenbeerg — 6 years ago

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Benevelli Piero

Bricco Ravera Barbera d'Alba 2013

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Hey @Dustin Soiseth does it say KERMIT LYNCH on the label? Is the company more important than the producer these days???

Marimar Estate (Marimar Torres)

Don Miguel Vineyard Earthquake Block Pinot Noir 2009

.@MarimarTorres Full bodied, plum, black cherry, dark berries, earthy, #unfiltered chewy, nice tannins. Delicious!!! — 5 years ago

Domaine Dupont

Etienne Dupont Cidre Bouché Brut de Normandie 2014

Apples pop on through the funk, with phantom cinnamon, green pear, and chayote. Tobacco-apple entry that goes deep golden apple and baked pear with rosemary and oregano. #cidre #EtienneDupont #bouchébrutdeNormandie #unfiltered #applecider #frenchcidre — 5 years ago

Cacique Maravilla

Gutiflower Pipeño Moscatel Blend 2015

I managed to shock an entire panel of very classical sommeliers with this Chilean oddity. A exuberantly aromatic, super cloudy, unfiltered, slightly fizzy blend of Muscat de Alexandria, Torontel and "Corinto" (local name for Chasselas). Like it or not winemaker Manuel Moraga (from a veritable wine dynasty) is delivering the traditional/real/old style Chileans. This is the type of wine that my grandfather, renowned local drunk, had with friends and family, particularly during our national holidays in September when the country goes into a drunken stupor. Forget Carmenères, Almavivas and Chadwicks I'm sorry. If you really want to go local while in Chile you got to try Itata, Yumbel, Guarilihue. That's where you'll find our true soul. BTW I got this one in NYC while shopping around Union Sq, how's that for contradiction!

#muscatel #muscatdalexandrie #torontel #chasselas #chile #unfiltered #unfined
— 7 years ago