Flensburger Brauerei GmbH Und Co. KG

Flensburger Dunkel

Beige and fluffy pour turned porous and sparse with just a cat’s paw print remaining. Really ready for Oktoberfest, so jumping the pond early this year. Subtle cardamom, and pine notes atop orange peel and honey bread on oak leaves waft from the dark, reddish-amber of this dunkel. Cherry pit, lemon tea, rye, and applewood with a dusting of aspirin that yields to a yeast and honey over cigarette paper. Mineral elements suggest silver and nickel. The finish has a malty, pecan nuttiness throughout. #bier #beer #germanbeerday #deutschebier #deutschland #dunkel #flensburger #flensburgerdunkel #darklager #lager — 2 years ago

Brauerei Max Leibinger GmbH


Cloudy and grey to red-brown Amber through the pour. Leesy-teasy. This voluminous lady sprung a shock white, unexpectedly pure pate. Cinnamon baked apple and caramel are soft suggestions initially. Barley and malt cameo as themselves with a whole jar of raw honey and ginger snap crumbles. These aromas are deceptive. She’s not that sweet, really. She snaps between a mineral texture and a pretzel bun with a Hawaiian bread middle. There is lingering almond butter after a briny lemon and a citrus tea that drags it all back. There is a decidedly German depth to the beer, which embraces a baked bread quality, but this is lean and sleek, sidestepping the heartburn of some styles. Hazelnut oil, almond flower, pecan, and sunflower seed persist in a lees-y postlude. #brauereimaxliebinger #unfiltered #zeppelin #germanbeerday #deutschland #Deutschebier #bier #beer #lees #strangebrew #gettheLedout #Hindenbeerg — 2 years ago

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Max Leibinger

Seeweisse Hefeweizen

Dieser Hefeweizen sind güt! Yeasty nose, with a sourdough streak, butterscotch and banana pudding on a banana leaf. Über creamy with more of the same on the palate plus some flat lime and a creamy gravy! #hefeweizen #germanbeerday — 4 years ago

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