Maison Pierre Naigeon

Chambertin Clos de Beze Grand Cru Pinot Noir 2009

2009. Tanned and healthy grand cru. Spicy holiday nose of clove and allspice with cinnamon sprinkles. Crumbly oak with mushrooms sprouting. Touch of mint and dried, red cherry. Tart cherry in a dervish with moist, dark tobacco. Incredible depth suggesting peppercorn dusted dried black raspberries, black cherry and truffle, baker chocolate and savory. This is a beefy slice of exquisiteness! Stunning!

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— 2 months ago

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Jérôme Chezeaux

Aux Boudots Nuits-Saint-Georges 1er Cru Pinot Noir 2018

Excellent entry wine for the producer. Dark cherries, dried cranberries, root beer, pecan, cherry blossom, dried strawberry, light cigar wrapper. Cranberry continues on the palate, tart cherry, red currant. Simple, yet elegant and versatile.

#burgundy #bourgogne #côtedor #pinotnoir #redburgundywine #redburg #bourgognerouge #vinrouge #jeromechezeaux #appellationcôtedorcontrolée
— 4 months ago

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Antoine Lienhardt

Les Charmois Nuits-St.-Georges Pinot Noir 2019


Deeper and riper than many a #pinotnoir from #burgundy but this is so precise and so fine. I was really surprised by the amazing quality of a #village wine. — 6 months ago

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Nielson Vineyard Pinot Noir 2013

Tasting this juuuust at its peak, paired with truffle risotto and pan seared duck breast this wine is absolutely a knockout with this dish. The body was surprisingly high-medium, with the tannins calmed over the years, and a nose of tart raspberry, plums, and roses wrapped in dirty leaves. Earthy, but floral and sweet. Fantastic legs, and a silky, elegant palate of velvet, dark plum, dark cherry, and just a hint of the tannin lost to time. This is a top 10 wine for me, hitting just perfectly. Try now because it won’t be there forever. @byronwine #pinotnoir — 3 months ago

Tiva Feltman
with Tiva

Domaine Louis Boillot et Fils

Chambolle-Musigny Pinot Noir 2019

Young, with wine poached pear, boysenberry toast, cherry blossom, pomegranate, blood orange rosemary and seared duck. Apples, tea and cinnamon scented. Chewy tannins and tea leaf textures, apple skin, decadent raspberry concentration, pomegranate juice over red currant reduction. Unstoppable fruit here with peppercorn dusting, coffee driving the density to a grainy finish of opulent cherry and chamomiles. Power Pinot.

#bourgognerouge #bourgogne #burgundy #pinotnoir #louisboillot #domainelouisboillotetfils #domainelouisboillot #chambollemusigny
— 5 months ago

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Arnaud Baillot

Vieilles Vignes Gevrey-Chambertin Pinot Noir 2018

Rich raspberry and beet, with cola underpinnings, potter’s clay, steamy cherry and red plum with cranberry aspirations. Tastes of tart cherry, raspberry powders, roobios tea, St. John wort, sage and hibiscus. .
#arnaudbaillot #arnaudbaillotvieillesvignes #arnaudbaillotgevreychambertin #gevrey #geverychambertin #bougogne #burgundy #burg #pinotnoir #bourgognerouge
— 6 months ago

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Domaine Philippe Garrey

Mercurey Pinot Noir 2018


Deeper darker color than you would expect from a #Pinotnoir from #Burgundy #mercurey1ercru the wine was slightly reduced. Much better after a while opened. — 3 months ago

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Domaine Olivier Foucher

Sancerre Pinot Noir 2017

My first #sancerre #rouge - a delicate #pinotnoir, light cherry, rose nose, some faint petrol and tar notes recall German Pinots, juicy acidity and medium light body, savory soft tannins on a longer finish. — 5 months ago

Weingut Friedrich Becker

Becker Family Pinot Noir 2014

My first #pfalz #pinotnoir - Such a classic Old World German Pinot Noir style. Just shy of medium bodied, garnet in glass with bricking towards the edges. An interesting pronounced smoky tar and slate nose - not unpleasant at all, faint strawberry, cherry aromas much farther behind that. Lighter bodied on the palate than it looks - savory red fruit, some peppery spice, grippy textured tannins on a longer finish. It paired pretty well with my favorite Austin Philly-style cheesesteak sandwich. — 6 months ago

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