T.O.P Zero Dosaggio Metodo Classico Spumante

Funky bunch bordering on sulfur dissipated to well water, then to a buttery jasmine with notes of grapefruit zest and desert nettle. Ripe, gelatinous citrus lineup of grapefruit, lime, lemon, persimmon and yeast-wheat bread with a dry, gingery,substantial finish. #Giorgi #bubbles #topzero #GiorgiTopZero #sparklingwine #OltrepoPavese #italianwines #Italian #wine #northernitalianwines — 3 months ago

Blue Nun

22k Gold Edition Riesling


Refreshing #bling #gold #sparklingwine #riesling and probably other grapes. Peach and white flower aromas, sweeter than Brut but not as sweet as a Demi-sec. — a year ago

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Michael Amoruso

Michael Amoruso

Memories of youth!


Vintage Brut Chardonnay Pinot Noir Sparkling Blend 2010

Baked yellow apple, pumpkinseed, smoky biscuit, buttered gourd, zucchini blossom and saline oak define a subtle aromatic interplay. A touch of caper turns lemon cream, and an even drier grapefruit and lemon tea. Very interesting stuff. #sparklingwine #bubbles #sparkleon #bubblesonabudget #oregonwines #brut — a year ago

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Exton Park

Pinot Meunier Rosé

Andrew Stover

Exton Park Pinot Meunier Rosé NV, Hampshire, UK
Light salmon colour. Dried red fruits, orange zest, toasted brioche on a racy, mineral-laced finish. Nice creaminess through the end.
#wine #englishwine #sommelier #sommelierlife #sommlife #wineporn #winestagram #sparklingwine #winewinewine #winelover
— 8 months ago

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Chloe Wine Collection


Chloe NV Prosecco (SRP $16): This Prosecco comes wrapped in a cute little bow, and will fit in most stockings (hint-hint). There are flavors of bright orchard fruits, floral tones, and citrus blossom. It’s light-hearted, fun to drink, and affordable—a good bottle to pour at your holiday or New Year's party. And the wine’s crispness and lively acidity makes it a perfect match for a variety of snack foods and appetizers. #Glera #Prosecco #Italian #wine #winelover #bubbly #sparklingwine — 10 months ago


Oltrepò Cruase Classico Rosé

Guava and raspberry nose with a briny foam. Light, leesy and slightly creamy. Lovely triple-pith of tangerine lemon and new orange. Pepper, and lemon finish. #Giorgi #oltrepopavese #italianwines #sparklingwine — a year ago

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Furleigh Estate

Classic Cuvée Brut Champagne Blend 2010

First English #sparklingwine and super impressed. Lead by Chardonnay. Quite rich and creamy. — 2 years ago

Georgia Haggard
with Georgia

Treveri Cellars

Demi-Sec Columbia Valley Sparkling Gewürztraminer

Picked up for Christmas dinner at the local QFC. Treveri is a Columbia Valley producer that specializes in 100% varietal sparkling wines. This bottle is a Gewürztraminer made in the traditional méthode champenoise. This method calls for a secondary fermentation in the bottle. The Gewürztraminer grape is not typically known for sparkling wines as it’s quite sweet, however, that sweetness can fit a demi-sec quite nicely. Demi-sec, or “half-dry”, denotes a semi-sweet wine with sugars typically between 32-50 grams/liter (g/l) of residual sugars. In contrast, most dry table wines are <10 g/l. The sweetness of the sparkling wine worked great with the holiday fare. ~$17 | #treveri #gewürtztraminer #sparklingwine

On the eyes: Clear, pale yellow, tiny fine bubbles, starbright, med stain, med tears, no floc.

On the nose: Ripe lychee, tropical floral notes, with lingering spicy herbaceousness. Med alcohol.

On the tongue: Med- tannin, med acid, med alcohol, med body. Lychee, passion fruit, rose petal, finishing clean. Nice typical Gewürztraminer with fine effervescent bubbles - be warned, a bit sweet.
— 10 months ago

Fratelli Giorgi

Giorgi 1870 Grancuveè Storica Oltrepò Pavese Pinot Nero

This shining star was not eclipsed today! Smoky and yeasty with a green leather note, lemon, quince, almonds, star fruit and the memory of chive. A clean, dry ice, nitrogen aroma lingers. Brioche that transmogrifies to scone, with berry esters and edible orchid. Yeast will yield ripe citrus of clementine pith and lemon essence when agitated, but a cleanness abounds and gives this the refined austerity of a reflected holy light. Beautiful!! Perfection during the eclipse! Nero at ground zero! #eclipse #eclipsewine #metodoclassico #giorgi #oltrepopavese #bubbles #sparklingwine #blancdenoir #pinotnero — a year ago

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Brut Rosé

Underripe wild strawberry, clove, smoke and blood orange rind, holly berry, dried rose petal and lemon threads interweaving electrically. Very lemony pink grapefruit on the palate drying immediately. Tangerine pith, chalky, with dried star fruit, bing cherry, marigold, and shadows of tar. #nebbiolo #valtellina #chiavennasca #northernitalianwines #Rainoldi #brutrosé #bubbles #sparklingwine #obscure #brut — 2 years ago