Campania, Italy


Radici Fiano di Avellino 2015

On the Lawn at Tanglewood this evening with the Boston Pops Orchestra. Our Pops conductor Keith Lockhart is leading a live-to-picture performance of Star Wars: A New Hope, a showing of the classic 1977 film, with the Orchestra performing Mr. Williams’ iconic score.
For live-to-picture productions, the orchestra performs the entire movie score in real time as the film unspools. (Vocals, dialogue and effects are isolated from the original music track.)
Generally we get to hear Star Wars scores a couple times per season here at Tanglewood, but tonight we get a chance to hear them with the backdrop of the movie (Episode IV) that launched a franchise, to say the least!

I celebrated another full trip around the sun, since my coming into this world, earlier this week. Tonight my wife, some dear friends and me will be enjoying some enticing wines along with our movie night. So notes...maybe, but I'll try!
— 7 days ago

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Villa Matilde

Montelapio Fiano di Avellino

Creamy and nutty, tropical

3000 years of wine making

Stainless fermentation
— 2 days ago

Villa Matilde

Tenuta di Altavilla Greco di Tufo

2018 vintage. Lemon peel and flesh, yellow apple, pear, beeswax, dried chamomile. Good weight and texture. — 9 hours ago

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Feudi di San Gregorio

Campania Falanghina

So before the following I am gonna tell you how well this pairs with southwest salad and potatoes that have had some Funtime in hot oil. It isn’t quite a unicorn but at least a mermaid wine. It can sing and swim. Maybe it has legs AND fins—take that Ariel deniers. Anyway. Should I be proper? On the nose a lot of salt and baked stone fruit and apple juice. On the palate a body not quite voluptuous but not quite not. Lemons (baked stewed raw and candied) and hint of salad green barely ripe peach medium plus acid. Alcohol I am guessing is...12.5. Maybe 13 but...checked label it says it is 13. Snazzy. This wine is good with the slightly spicy southwest flavors but also chill with salad so that’s cool. I also served this at thanksgiving earlier this year because it can be friends with most dishes. Falanghina does a great service to food. — 24 days ago

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Ellen Clifford

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It’s SO fun
MaJ CappS

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Love this producer! Snazzy indeed.
Ellen Clifford

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@MaJ CappS YAS! They are so good

Masseria Starnali

Santo Sano Roccamonfina IGT Aglianico 2012

Unique southern Italian red, aged a long time—2012 vintage for 2019 drinking—but not in oak casks, so it’s brighter and it’s tannins are less pronounced than you might expect (although the tannins are definitely present and quite nice). Delicious balance overall. Cherry, blackberry, a hint of something savory on the nose, tobacco tannins. — 6 days ago

Masseria Starnali

Maresa Roccamonfina IGT Falanghina 2016

Recommended by Chamber Street Wines as a good pairing with fish. Enjoying the light body, floral notes. Lovely for summer. — 5 days ago

Villa Matilde

Falerno Del Massico Bianco Falanghina

Winemaker has a passion for ancient wine varietals

All aged in steel

Cold temperatures before fermentation to coax out aromas and fruit of wine

— 2 days ago

Villa Matilde

Rocca dei Leoni Campania Falanghina

2018 vintage. Yellow apple, pear skin, white rocks, unripe white peach, dry hay, chamomile, blanched almonds. Tasty and good typicity. — 6 days ago

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Feudi di San Gregorio

Taurasi Aglianico 2013

16.5+/20 (90+/100) Элегантный, но пока ещё не развившийся аромат с нотами спелых сливы и черешни, а также специй. Тельное с высокой кислотностью и интенсивными, бархатистыми танинами. С этим вином лучше подождать ещё лет пять. — 5 days ago

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Coda di Volpe Taurasi Aglianico 2018

Very unusual and different. Dried pineapple, banana chips, kiwi. Quite rich and rounded. — 6 days ago

Barbara Gazley
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