Graveyard Vineyard Shiraz 1996

In a word, delicious! Silky smooth tannins with notes of cherry, acai, milk chocolate, dried cranberry, baking spices, and eucalyptus. Paired with lamb but the wine definitely holds its own #auction — 3 years ago

Matthew Cohen
with Matthew

Weingut Jacob Hamm

Winkeler Jesuitengarten Cabinet Spätlese Riesling 1969

I got this old bottle at a #German #auction about 15 years ago and, on a whim, decided to serve it recently with a shrimp and avocado salad under a delicate, yet rather simple oil and vinegar dressing... the result was sublime as the nearly fifty-year-old bottle was uncannily fresh... a marvelous foil to the sharper, more savory dressing. Yes, it still had some residual sugar and that was a good thing as was the excellent core of ripe acidity that played a strong roll in the wine's remarkable balance--BRAVO! #1969 #JacobHamm #Winkeler #Jesuitengarten #Riesling #Cabinet #Spätlese — 3 years ago

Petra Thieriot
with Petra
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Peter van den Besselaar

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Great description, I love it!

Hessische Staatsweingüter Kloster Eberbach

Steinberger Kabinett Riesling Goldkapsel Auction 2007

The bigger, riper vintages of the past decade are evolving beautifully such as this delicious '07 #Rheingau #Kabinett. Yes, it was definitely acting more like a #Spätlese, but given its perfect balance no one was complaining...the bottle was empty before we knew it...that is what Germans call: TRINKFLUSS! #Auction #Goldkapsel
— 4 years ago

Petra Thieriot
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Weingut Keller

Morstein Riesling 2013

Speaking of the devil...here we have later in the evening been fortunate enough to taste the "#Felix" #auction #2013 as well and also from double #magnum. To say this is an impressive effort understates the actual result--this could doubtless go nose to nose with any number of Grand Cru Burgundies! #Spätburgunder #PinotNoir #GermanWine #Keller #Rheinhessen — 3 years ago

Petra Thieriot
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Weingut Grans-Fassian

Trittenheimer Apotheke Auslese Riesling Long Goldkapsel Auction 2005

One of the most impressive middle #Mosel late-picks imaginable--HELLO--did someone say "#BEERENAUSLESE"???
You bet. Yet it's an
#Auslese... with immense concentration. Perfectly balanced between ripeness, concentration and acidity... the ultimate #Riesling poetry. A butt-kicking triumph and an #auction cuvée at that! #GransFassian #Trittenheim #Apotheke #longgoldkapsel #2005
— 3 years ago

Petra Thieriot
with Petra
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Monzinger Frühlingsplätzchen Nahe Auslese Riesling *** QmP 2003

Huge fruit! Lighter-bodied than one might expect of an #Auslese *** - elegant, balanced, stunning. #EmrichSchönleber just doesn't disappoint. #2003 #Frühlingsplätzchen #Riesling #Auction — 4 years ago

Dade ThieriotFritz Wittkowski
with Dade and Fritz
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Dade Thieriot

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If a bottle of wine could ever be a rock star this is it! Talk about charisma... This nectar has the crowd on its feet! Here's your proverbial tropical fruit bomb that lingers indefinitely in your mouth... And resonates forever in your memory--EPIC JUICE!!!

Weingut Keller

Abts E Westhofen Brunnenhäuschen Riesling 2006

This wine set a record at #auction when 3 of these double #magnums were offered so it was an enormous pleasure and great honor to have been able to experience this massively impressive 10-year old #GG while sitting next to it creators!
#2006 was a notoriously challenging vintage where rampant #botrytis and heavy selection were the order of the day; nevertheless in the hands of the Kellers yet another epic wine was born--THANK YOU!!! #Keller #AbtsE #Westhofen #Riesling #Rheinhessen
— 3 years ago

Petra Thieriot
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Weingut Keller

Hipping Probeflasche Kabinett Riesling 2015

#Keller #Riesling #Kabinett "#Hipping" (#Auction)--as Klaus Peter poured me this remarkable wine, he said, "This is Maria's wine!" I believe him... what a treasure to mark the birth of your daughter! Sourced from red clay soils on the slopes of #Nierstein overlooking the #Rhein... extremely opulent, explosive aromas, packed with power, but also such finesse... reminiscent of a lovely Mosel Riesling. The balance is uncanny... so elegant, gossamer, the essence of spring. Like a beautiful Monarch butterfly!
— 3 years ago

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Fritz Haag

Brauneberger Juffer Sonnenuhr Spätlese Riesling 2006

#2006 was a wild year that featured a large array of glorious late-harvest, sweet wines that were enhanced by ample amounts of noble rot or #botrytis. This #Spätlese is really a mouth-filling #Auslese that lingers for seemingly minutes on end yet has a fine core of ripe acidity that provides the balance needed to age easily for another decade or so! #Auction #VDP #FritzHaag #Juffer #Sonnenuhr #14 #Riesling — 4 years ago

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Willi Schaefer

Graacher Domprobst Spätlese Riesling Auction 2006

In an extremely difficult vintage where the grapes needed to be suddenly harvested over a 10 day period, making clean, late-picked wine was very challenging. However, this did not prevent Willi and son Christoph #Schaefer from crafting a beautiful, classy #Mosel #Riesling from their best vineyard--the #GraacherDomprobst.
Yes, it is slightly heavier and more concentrated than other cooler years, but with a kiss of #botrytis lining the contours of this almost-Auslese-level wine, the result is, well, magical and the wine utterly sings! The overall balance and structure are amazing and this super rarity auction bottle could keep easily another twenty years!
#Auction #VDP
— 4 years ago

Petra ThieriotAndrew Green
with Petra and Andrew
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Andrew Green

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Couldn't have picked a better time to drink this wine. Absolutely at its peak.