Cabernet Sauvignon

Charles Krug

Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2014

Here's my Friday's Cabernet fix for you.

Pretty color of dark ruby with a short purple rim.

Fruity nose blackberries, black currants, cedar, earth, vanilla, sour cherries, licorice, leather, spices, chocolates, tobacco, light vegetables and black pepper.

Medium plus in body and soft with medium acidity and long legs.

Dry and fruity on the palate with currants, sweet cherries, blackberries, earth, wood, licorice, vanilla, cloves, tobacco, coffee, chocolates, peppercorn and spices.

Medium plus on the finish with round tannins and tangy raspberries.

This Napa Cabernet is very enjoyable already, although still young. Well balanced with nice complexity and mouthfeel. Feels like a Napa Bordeaux style red.

I've had this vintage before, and it doesn't have good consistency. This time it's much better than other times. Maybe it's the company...

Good right out of the bottle and needs 90 minutes to open up properly. Would age nicely in the next 5 to 7 years.

Good by itself or with food. I paired it with beef burgers.

14.7% alcohol by volume.

— 7 days ago

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Phil A

Phil A

@"Odedi" Odedi and to you also Cheers 🍷
Mark Flesher

Mark Flesher

I am actually rather impressed by Charles Krug on a whole. Their single vineyard wines will beat out wines at twice their price rather consistently.


Any specific recommendations? @Mark Flesher

Philip Togni Vineyard

Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2013

This is undoubtedly next level but still in its larval stage. The youngest Togni I’ve opened and I consumed it solo over 2 days of the weekend. Much more expressive on day 2. Black cherry, cacao and saddle leather are there but it is reluctant right now. I’m not a score guy but I believe AG or RP gave this 100 points. Hold for a minimum of 10 years if you have the patience and space. Don’t get me wrong it is very good, it just hasn’t developed yet in to what makes his wines so damn special. — 3 days ago

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Joe Lucca

Joe Lucca

Cool Xmas themed Airstream
Bill Bender

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Keeping it real @Joe Lucca with my Target single man holiday home package
Bill Bender

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Hahahaha @Norman Gennaro I get that

Maybach Family Vineyards

Amoenus Cabernet Sauvignon 2012

Sunday funday. Blackberry, black cherry, kirsch. Opulent on the entry, this coats your mouth. The mid-palate is a touch savory with smoke/leather/earth before the fruit returns on the long finish. While not on the same level as the Materium, it would be a shame to ignore or downplay this excellent wine which is perhaps more drinkable on release. But curious about other thoughts on the two wines. What do you think? — 5 days ago

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Joe Lucca

Joe Lucca

I think you should send me a bottle of each so I can prepare a detailed comparison 😉

Flora Springs

Happy Holidays Cabernet Sauvignon 2014

Tis the season for holiday labels! What I love about the Flora Springs holiday wines are the etched bottles...really creative and festive touch. The art is different each year. Fun to hold some back and revisit a few years later.

In my opinion, the bottle outshines the wine. The wine itself is very basic, especially in comparison to their Trilogy offering that I buy as much of as I can. Plum, cranberry, cocoa on the nose. On the palate, it’s very simplistic. Finish is a balance of blackberries, black cherry, and red licorice. Dry and tannic. I found that a decant and a revisit the next day didn’t change much about this wine. Then again, you buy these for the bottle more than what’s inside...job accomplished. ✔️🎄🎅🏼
— 2 days ago

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Phil A

Phil A

@Shay Aldriedge Merry Christmas Cheers 🍷🌚🎄

James Cole

Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2010

Mike R

One of and still one of true love wines

Still young but when it opens it is a killer - three hours so far and ever sip it gets better

So lady is out with her girlfriends drinking wine and watching bad moms Christmas movie

So I broke into the cellar and drinking a good one

At the mid point of a bumps bruises thrills and spills week

Proud dad this week and Saturday I will demonstrate how proud with a wine toast

All I need is the 14th to fall my way - can't say anything else or I will jinx it

All smiles in anticipation and this wine
— 3 days ago

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Phil A

Phil A

@Mike R Mike good luck tomorrow Cheers 🍷


Well? What’s the word @Mike R ?
Mike R

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Delayed to before Christmas/ sucks but worth it

Heller Estate

Carmel Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 1995

Alex Lallos

1995 vintage. Tastes like 90s st emilion even though 100% cab. 1995 out of 6.0l. Freaking magical mountain fruit. Less grip than Howell mountain but more tarry fruit. Red cherry, cedar and tobacco. This has aged so well. Typical carmel valley from the 'right side of the mountain' loads of fruit still. So pretty it is insane and downright unbelievable — a day ago

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Fallon Place

Nacimento Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon 2014

Pretty color of dark ruby with a wide reddish rim and medium intensity.

Fruity nose of cherries, oak, blueberries, red candy, licorice, earth, spices, leather, vinaigrette, light vegetables, light alcohol and peppercorn.

Medium plus in body with medium plus acidity and long legs.

Dry on the palate with strawberries, sour cherries, earth, blueberries, wood, light, vanilla leather, cloves, vegetables, bitter herbs and peppercorn.

Medium-plus on the finish with soft round tannins, spices and raspberries.

This is a nice cabernet from California. Well-balanced with nice complexity. Smooth, elegant, gentle and soft mouthfeel.

Good by itself or with food. I had it 6 months ago, and this time it was just as nice. Feels like a good quality California Pinot Noir.

I paired it with light appetizers.

This Single Vineyard Cabernet was aged in French oak barrels for 18 months.

14.5% alcohol by volume.

— 6 days ago

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Amizetta Vineyards

Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2012

The Amizetta property is a steep and rocky 40 acre parcel with southern facing slopes at an elevation of 1,000’ situated between Pritchard Hill and Howell Mountain in the Conn Valley region of Napa Valley. The vineyards are farmed by Jim Barbour. Edward Clark is the winemaker, with Chuck Wagner and Rick Forman consulting. After seeing the aerial view of the vineyard I had to taste this... the terracing is impressive. It needs needs about 30-45 minutes to open up and fully show off its lush and opulent style, which features crème de cassis, currant, blackberry, mocha, vanilla, and charcoal, with some faint herbaceousness. If this doesn’t already scream crowd-pleaser, then the round and silky mouthfeel will certainly seal the deal. — 5 days ago

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Turnbull Wine Cellars

Estate Grown Oakville Cabernet Sauvignon 2013

Man, this wine is just as much a head-turner as I remember it being. One of the best under-the-radar buys coming out of Napa in my opinion. Nose has pronounced aromas of eucalyptus, cedar, spice box, coffee, and black cherry. Palate has rich black cherry, black currant, blueberry, and chocolate with some mineral overtones. A lovely long finish and a seductive mouthfeel make this a winner in my books. Bravo. — 19 days ago

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Hall Wines

Terra Secca Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2014

Hall churns our cabs like they are one every year it seems! To their credit, they have all been very good. This is a baby...even after a lengthy decant, it’s really not ready to drink. Tart raspberries and strawberries on the nose...maybe even dirt covered dates? Acidic on the palate. Blended up blackberries and stems, dark cocoa powder, and a finish of red and black fruits. Give it some time. — 5 days ago

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