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Louis Roederer

Cristal Brut Champagne Chardonnay Pinot Noir Blend 2008

Superb! Smashing bottle of Cristal. Rich with incredible tension and purity, embodies class and elegance. Leads with a gorgeous mixture of fruit and autolytic notes; fresh baked brioche, tangerine marmalade, lemon and orange curd, nougat, spun sugar, toasted hazelnuts, red currants, spring honey, fine layer of fragrant exotic fruit pineapple or quince. Beneath the complexity really gains with the chalky tones really driving the nose and plate. Crushed and damp chalk, struck stones, the slightest edge of sweet herbs and smoke. The subtle spice and floral elements add dimension. Structurally I fine it hard to describe because the acidity has so much momentum but there is sufficient impact and depth to suggest that it is a rich wine. Overall it is supremely elegant and still holding onto its coiled and youthful state. Great potential but the pedigree is there to admire now. — 19 days ago

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Ulysse Collin

Les Enfers Blanc de Blancs Extra Brut Champagne Chardonnay 2014

Seth Morgen Long

This was exceptional, coiled, chalky and dense. 2014.1 — 4 months ago

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Shawn R

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Excellent grower/producer

Domaine Laurent & Karen Boussey

Les Taillepieds Volnay 1er Cru Pinot Noir 2018

Lyle Fass

Awesome nose here. Super floral and so mineral. Deep black cherry fruit and huge kirsch. Jelly donut? But in the best way possible. Superb mineral depth. Insane fruit depth on the palate. Huge power and concentration. Wow this needs some air. Tight. Coiled. So much material but right. I’ll be back. 9.3 for now. I can tell this needs air. Insane sweetness on the palate and such amazing texture now that it’s gotten some air. Wow this is so deep. 9.4 now. Only gonna get better. — 5 months ago

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Panek Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon 2015

Shay A

One of the 2015s I opened to celebrate my 5yr wedding anniversary. In these early years, fruit forward/approachable wines from Napa are ideal while the other wines from the vintage rest and approach maturity.

After having the 2017 with Will at Mending Wall earlier this year (totally open and accessible), I expected this to be similar, but true to 2015 cabs, this was crazy coiled and tightly compact. The mid palate here is really dense with an extremely gripping and tannic finish. As I find a signature of TRB’s winemaking style, when the site allows it, he has a way of pulling the entire fruit spectrum...this wine showed red (black cherries) blue (crisp blueberries) and black fruits (tart blackberries and currant). The fruit is amazingly fresh, as though it was freshly squeezed. Oak is noticeable but definitely not a detractor. Floral, baking spices like cinnamon and vanilla, sandalwood, and a homemade mixed berry pie straight out of the oven. There is a lasting herbal/graphite type note toward the finish. I followed this over two days and it stayed strong. I’d hold for another 2-3yrs and see if it unfurls further.
— 2 months ago

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David T

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Happy Anniversary.
Eric S

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Bryan Kesting

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@Shay A : Happy Anniversary Shay!

Sven Klundt

Kastanienbusch Riesling 2018

Lyle Fass

Wow. What a high toned nose, peach, peach pit, citrus, superbly clean and pure. Iodine like minerality. Citrus zest. Lime zest. Super intense and bright palate, what a powerhouse, it is so packed. Pure. High toned. Explosion of tropical fruits. Massive structure, the cleanliness of this wine is stunning. What a finish of complex rock candy. Sweet saline. Citrus. Mineral sweetness. Lime blossom. Just a massive wine with huge extract, huge structure, huge texture, huge acids. Dramatic and coiled. Balanced, clean and elegant. Nice acid wash at the end. Cleans your palate. — 5 months ago

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Domaine Bruno Clair

Les Véroilles Chambolle-Musigny Pinot Noir 2014

Shay A

Week 4 of our virtual tastings, this week’s theme being burgundy chosen by Joe, ideally from Chambolle-Musigny or Vosne-Romanee. Always good for some laughs and lots of knowledge being dropped! @Mike R
@Ron R @David L @Joe Lucca @Shawn R @Bill Bender @Eric LaMasters @Carl Fischer

A village level wine from a reputable producer in a solid vintage. Upon opening, I put this straight in to the decanter with a goal of two hours. I had a small sip at the beginning and realized it would need every bit of those two hours, and likely more. Extremely coiled, herbal and thin. At the two hour mark, fleshy black cherry skin, potpourri and tart red fruits started to appear aromatically. Once this hit the four hour mark, it gained heft (still retaining good acidity) with forest floor, a touch of iron, and added some spice and black peppercorn toward the finish. Evolved continuously throughout the evening. Definitely youthful, so if opening now, I’d give this 4+hrs to reveal itself appropriately.

Edit: tried another glass the day after and it stayed in line with how it was at the 4hr decanting mark, with a slightly more pronounced truffled mushroom note.
— 5 months ago

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@Shay A time to include a couple sunshine boys into the virtual tasting!!!
David L

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Always a great time!
Ron R

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Yep, stellar. Loved it!!!

Claude Riffault

Les Denisottes Sancerre Sauvignon Blanc 2015

Kicking into a long weekend to celebrate our Country 🇺🇲 and those who have worked to give me the freedom to enjoy this beautiful wine.

Nose has under-ripe peach, lime peel, limestone paste, lemon pith and faint, green herbs.

Palate has day old cut lemon, warmed peach, wet limestone, dried lemon pith, minor tart acidity with a medium finish.

I still think this bottle is looking for more development. Our last check-in was two years ago, doing well then, about the same tonight.

(Note to future self, decant for 2-3h, the wine is coiled, better with air/patience.)

24 Hour Update: Adding a warmed lemon trait on the nose and palate, but palate picks up a pleasing light sweetness on the finish today. Improvement.
— 3 months ago

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Tom Casagrande

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I love a good Sancerre!

Château Branaire (Duluc-Ducru)

St. Julien- Beychevelle Red Bordeaux Blend 2016

Super tightly coiled blueberry, mocha, tobacco. Excellent. Revisit in 5 years. — 4 months ago

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Coiled Wines

Sidewinder Snake River Valley Syrah 2012

Nice ripe dark fruit with a dusty edge. Very enjoyable with bbq beef ribs! — 5 months ago

RoAnne de WeerdTammy de Weerd
with RoAnne and Tammy

Weingut Josef Walter

"J" Centgrafenberg Trocken Spätburgunder 2007

Lyle Fass

Awesome nose. Ash, bunt tree bark, ripe and secondary berry fruit. Floral. Dampen and dried leaves, so feral, loads of earthy sweetness. So good. Juicy, elegant and structured with wonderful purity as freshness. Even a bit tight and coiled up. Needs 45 minutes to an hour. — 6 months ago

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