Layer Cake Wines

The Prisoner Wine Company

Saldo California Zinfandel 2009

This is ORIN SWIFTS Saldo before it was sold to become prisoner. 2009 Saldo. Was beautiful, bold and aged perfectly. Black Forest cake. — 3 days ago

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Aonair Wines

Estate Conn Valley Cabernet Franc 2014

Shay A

Not only does the winery have gorgeous views atop Conn Valley in Napa overlooking Lake Hennessy, the wines are delicious...but more importantly, the people are gracious and kind. Highly recommend visiting.

Though their other wines get more fanfare (mainly because there is more to go around), their CabFranc is always my favorite offering. At a whopping 2 barrels of production, getting access can be a bit tricky. For a cab franc, there is zero green pepper notes. Aromatically, it is a combo of rich, ripe red and black fruits all dipped in fondue chocolate, baking spices like cinnamon and clove with a woodsy note like sandalwood. While decadent in profile, there is plenty of acidity here to keep this from being too flabby. Notes of Christmas spice cake, red and black licorice, Black Forest cake shavings and a hint of herbs on the finish. Still quite youthful, this seems to just be entering a drink phase.
— 6 days ago

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Shay A

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@Bryan Kesting : Was a wine club member here for a quite a while. Solid across the board. Winemaker here also makes wine for Jack Winery in Atlas Peak and a few other small labels. They also do a cabernet, a mountain proprietary, Grenache and a white blend. Happy to send you a bottle of those or open one next time you’re down here.
Bryan Kesting

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Sounds great, Shay. Looking forward to it..,thanks.
Shawn R

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Wholly long 📝 note

Domaine Le Sot De L'ange

Sottise Loire Sparkling Gamay-Grolleau Rosé Blend

Fun and effervescent. Drank with homemade funfetti cake. — 19 days ago

Joseph Lewinski
with Joseph

Stag's Leap Wine Cellars

Napa Valley Chardonnay 2018

Paired with RIDICULOUS Carrot Cake. Happy Father’s Day to me....and to all the Delectable Dads!! Cheers — 12 days ago

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Happy Father's Day!
Raul Puga

Raul Puga

@Trixie thank you

Justin Vineyards & Winery

Justification Paso Robles Cabernet Franc-Merlot Blend 2013

Fleshy tannin and fruit all over. Like eating a raspberry chocolate cake. Love it. — 16 hours ago

Shaw and Smith

M3 Vineyard Adelaide Hills Chardonnay 2017

Balanced. Lemon drizzle cake, apricot and vanilla. Lovely Med + acidity. — 14 days ago

Camille Savès

Grand Cru Champagne 2011

Beautiful busty all natural charm in the perfect dress and not much make up at all. Whip cream and cake on that for days. Joyous. — 13 hours ago


Rosé Blend 2019

My favorite rosé. Plush, creamy, nice body, lovely floral notes with ripe strawberries and angel food cake. Tastes great chilled and at ambient which, in my experience, is not too common. — 7 days ago

Krystal Vento
with Krystal
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Billy L.

Billy L.

@Ryan Vento -That salad looks killer! Cheers
Ryan Vento

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@Billy L. It was a beast!

Portlandia Vintners

Oregon Pinot Gris 2018

Really pretty, candied apricot, peach, cake spice, and great acid. — 23 days ago

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Romano Dal Forno

Valpolicella Superiore Corvina Blend 2006

Pours out like motor oil. Blackberry jam, chocolate fudge, fruit cake and many other sweet things on the nose. Deceptive, because the palate is pretty dry! And there’s a nice tartness. Heavy woody tannins are a bit overwhelming. This could use maybe 20 more years in the bottle. Or drink over several weeks. — 8 days ago

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Stephen Redenbaugh

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Josh... vintage please?
Josh Morgenthau

Josh Morgenthau

@Stephen Redenbaugh ’06 ... unbelievably. Tastes young.