Moulin de Chauvigné

La Croix Blanche Coteaux du Layon Chenin Blanc 2016

Vintage 2016 - way toooo young, but already delicious. Peaches. Great balance. #chenin #coteauxdulayon — 2 years ago

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Château de la Roulerie

Les Cerisier Coteaux du Layon St Aubin Chenin Blanc 1995

Vintage 1995 - there is Coteaux du Layon that is so lovely it is overwhelming charming to the taster, and there is Coteaux du Layon where you need to fight to discover its qualities. With its 22 years this is an example of the second type. Shy smell, almonds, vanilla, spicy, not complete in balance as there are prominent bitters in taste. Also honey tones after aeration. Drank it with a ricotta cake that had beautiful citrus in it that matched well with the wine. #coteauxdulayon #cheninblanc #loire #aged beautiful golden colour. — 3 years ago

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Moulin Touchais

Coteaux du Layon Chenin Blanc 1994

Love this #1994 #MoulinTouchais #CoteauxDuLayon #CheninBlanc Beautiful Floral & Citrus Nose... Strong acidity balances out all of the other components of this wine... Lightly sweet, great Minerality, lemon, white flowers, bruised Green Apple... Paired beautifully with my Roquefort & Black Truffle Mie Feuille with Market Figs dessert at #GabrielKreuther #Nyc ❤️🍴🍷 👏👏👏 — 5 years ago

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Domaine Jean-Louis Robin-Diot

Cuvée Intégrale Rochefort Coteaux du Layon Chenin Blanc 1990

Vintage 1994 - Selection de Grains Nobles - I bought this #CoteauxduLayon in 1996 when the kids build sandcastles on a small beach on the banks of the Louet river just beneath the river “La #loire in the commune #Rochefort. After 23 y this wine has a mahony brown colour, a shy smell but terrific balance. Beautiful #cheninblanc to partner a Xmas Tarte Tatin. And also a sweet memory 😃 — 2 years ago

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Severn Goodwin

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Ooohh SGN! Very nice.

Moulin Touchais

Coteaux du Layon Chenin Blanc 2005

Charles (Chad) Bucklin

Wow!! Golden with great concentration. #botrytis nose with high complexity. A total palate f**k. The appearance of being bone dry with racy acidity, superb tension, and incredible complexity. Long finish. This is a baby at 12 years old. Still tasting amazing after 7 days of being open. #coteauxdulayon #moulintouchais #cheninblanc #loirevalley #ctbucklinwine — 3 years ago

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Château Soucherie

Chaume Coteaux du Layon 1er Cru Chenin Blanc 2011

Vintage 2011 - really good work from Thibaud Boudignon, expressive wine with honey, apricot #soucherie #coteauxdulayon #premiercruchaume #chaume — 3 years ago

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Moulin Touchais

Coteaux du Layon Chenin Blanc

Vintage 2001 #cheninblanc #coteauxdulayon #moulintouchais Apricot, honey, peaches, great balance between sweet and acidity that gives it a vivid character! — 3 years ago

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Château Pierre-Bise

L'Anclaie Coteaux du Layon Beaulieu Chenin Blanc 2014

Who needs pumpkin pie? Beautiful #chenin #dessertwine from the classic #coteauxdulayon and a lovely floral infusion @headwaterspdx — 4 years ago

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