Virginia, Usa

Virgina Fizz


The Thibault-Jannison “FIZZ” sparkling wine is a simple joy & a half. The nose is a subtle, bright white peach, and when paired with any sort of seafood it becomes more than what it began as.

As it breathes and grows on the palate, I’m hard-pressed to find a sparkling wine that is this enjoyable- and yet this well-produced.

We’re having shrimp and buttery pasta tonight, and this simple-yet-truly-elegant wine just nailed it.
— 9 days ago

Beth Zitzman
with Beth
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Williamsburg Winery

Limited Release Malbec 2013

Got it as a gift for dog sitting!
Delicious. Extremely grapey nose, starts very smooth and only softens more with time.
Would love to drink again
— 13 days ago

Early Mountain Vineyards

Virginia Rosé 2020

Surprisingly good VA rose wine! Great find at Arrow Wine. — 13 days ago

Dave Rostker
with Dave


Greenstone Vineyards Rosé of Merlot 2020

Great summer sipping. Strong grapefruit tones along with refreshing other fruits make this a hit. We visited the winery outside Middleburg, VA and had a delightful tasting. — 8 days ago

Early Mountain

Foothills Red Blend 2019

For what it set out to accomplish, this 6 varietal blend (incl PM) is quite tasty :) full bodied with medium weight acid and softer tannin, this is a solid A for weekday utility red :) — 10 days ago

Honah Lee Vineyard

Virginia Viognier 2017

Mature/Sophisticated with balanced minerality & acid. The oak is evident but not dominant. A nice 2nd Honah for Michael — 18 days ago

J & M Wehner

Church Creek Cabernet Franc 2019

Softer Cabernet full of mellow dried herbs and cherry. Loving it with grilled pork tenderloin. — 19 days ago

Barren Ridge Vineyards

Virginia Chardonnay 2017

A bit of honey-mead on the nose to start that by the sip, slowly rolls into bright aromas of peach and honey-dew melon. On the palate there is a “lush crispness”, which I’m sure sounds a bit wacky, but it’s there.

Beyond the arrival and display on the palate, the 2017 Barren Ridge Chardonnay is a bit of a revelation when you meet the juicy finish that affirms the quality of the fruit you’ve just ingested.

It’s rock-star stuff. While you can get it.
— 15 days ago

Beth Zitzman
with Beth
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Honah Lee Vineyard

Petit Verdot 2017

So I am kinda split on this build. The varietal signature is either off or unique. Nevertheless, there is potential due to its balance/symmetry. I did not buy this time, agreed to give it another taste in 6-12months. VA Gov Cup gold….gotta be the tannins ;) — 18 days ago

Honah Lee Vineyard

Virginia Chardonnay 2017

Quite nice and very Burgundian - Macon-ish. Ready for light cream based pasta. — 18 days ago