Central Valley, California


Steacy Ranch Zinfandel 2017

Medium purple with light ruby red accents. Spice is all over this baby from the jump. Black and white pepper, along with baking spices. Red fruits mingle with blackberry cobbler and cinnamon. Fresh cut grass and little traces of beautiful violets on the back end.

Incredibly dense and just plain lovely. Since this is a Turley we already know that this will not be an over the top syrupy fruit bomb mess. Where other Zins zig and zag, they continuously stay the course. Decadent and elegant, this has a lush mouthfeel and firm tannins. Highly concentrated but never in a bad way.

Cherries bat lead off on the robust palate with vanilla and more blackberries. Smoke, spice, and oak are present with moist soil. Wonderful new leather plays a back up role. Roasted coffee on the long finish. This is not a fruit forward Zinfandel unlike so many others. This is just delicious.
— 2 days ago

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Oak Ridge Winery

Lodi Cabernet Sauvignon 2017

Color of light purple and ruby, quite clear. Nose of cigar, cherry and strawberry jam, spice, vanilla, some aldehyde, and hint of acidity. Taste of oak, subtle jammy sweetness, some mineral and zest, some medicinal syrup, good background tannins, and tobacco leaves. Aftertaste of some more sweetness and medicinal syrup, with addition of warmth in the throat. Not bad, yet too sweet for me. — 18 days ago

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Presqu'ile Winery

Presqu'ile Vineyard Chardonnay 2016

Slightly funky nose at first and then shifts to more classic Chard aromas. The acidity is backward at first and then it opens up and gets more tension to go along the nice roundness and freshness, pretty good balance and nice wine without being great. 88-89

Nez un peu bizarre à l’ouverture mais cela s’estompe sur des arômes classiques de Chardo. La tension est un peu en retrait au départ mais avec de l’air l’acidité se montre plus présente pour en faire un bel ensemble, ouvert, assez rond et frais, rien d’exceptionnel mais très bien.
— 14 days ago

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Alban Vineyards

Reva Alban Estate Vineyard Syrah 2004

David T

It is my belief & I don’t think I am far from the mark that Alban profiled their wines from Rostaing. Rostaing started in 1971 & Alban in 1985.

Both have the roasted slope & roasted chestnut profile. The Alban is a better single terroir than the old world 7-8 vineyard blend of the Rostaing Ampodium. It’s riper & beefier. The fruits are roasted & ripe. The length, balance, tension & length are near its peak.

The nose reveals; roasted chestnuts, stewed/baked/candied; blackberries, black raspberries, dark cherries, raspberries, mulberries, expresso roast, dark, steeped, fruit teas anise to black licorice, dry, crushed rocks, dry top soils, clay, some bacon fat, juicy, savory meats, dark, moist forest floor, limestone, dark spice with fresh; purple florals in a field of violets & lavender.

The palate is; gorgeous, sexy, rich, lush & in perfect form. Roasted chestnuts. Stewed/baked/candied; blackberries, black raspberries, dark cherries, raspberries, mulberries, expresso roast, dark, steeped, fruit teas, anise to black licorice, dry, crushed rocks, dry top soils, clay, some bacon fat, juicy, savory meats, dark, moist forest floor, limestone, dark heated spice with fresh; purple florals in a field of violets & lavender. In perfect form. Tannins are rounded, sweetly tarry. The acidity is perfect. The finish is very round & new world. It is a perfect balance of fruit & earth. It glides on the palate & persists endlessly.

Paired with the Cardiff Chipotle Tri-tip. The best Tri-tip we’ve had. You can order at CardiffCrack.com. Not inexpensive though. The best never is!

Photos of; John Alban, two of their single vineyards and their barrel room.
— 2 days ago

James Christina Champagne
with James and Christina
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Nice TN
David T

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@Ron R @"Odedi" Thank you. Cheers! 🍷
Paul T- Huntington Beach

Paul T- Huntington Beach

Got 2 more of the 04’s in my cooler still, fantastic bottle


Alban Vineyard Viognier 2011

Palmer Emmitt

Amazing how well it’s held up. Recommend a decant it was waaaaaaay better after open for 90 minutes. Oak shows prominently at first especially on the nose but integrates with air to reveal pretty apricot flavors and even some floral notes. Just awesome. — 9 days ago

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Al Shikoh

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I didn’t know Failla was bottling a Viognier with John Alban’s fruit.

Stolpman Vineyards

Hilltops Ballard Canyon Syrah 2016

Very solid effort but I think the critical acclaim is slightly over enthusiastic about this cuvée. — a day ago

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Alban Vineyards

Pandora Seymour's Vineyard Grenache Syrah 2012

Absolutely awesome. Still too young - one of those Albans that’s going to gain weight and complexity over the next several years - but you can immediately see where that 100-pt rating in WA comes from. My advice is, if you only have one bottle of this, hang onto it for 2-3 years. If, however, you have more than one, give this a try. It’s a very cool window into a wine that is great now but will be even better when you crack open the next one in a few years. — 7 days ago

Vanessa McCaffrey
with Vanessa
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Stolpman Vineyards

L'Avion Santa Ynez Valley Roussanne 2008

Nose has bruised pear, warm vanilla, carmel poured on pineapple, sweet yellow apple, ripe pineapple, soaked golden raisin, tangerine peel and spring honeysuckle.

Palate has buttered popcorn, butter poached pear, fresh apricot, chamomile tea, (minor) candle wax, medium acidity, mouth-coating viscosity with a long finish; outstanding. This can hold in proper storage until 2022-24.

Last of our Stolpman stash; we purchased this in November 2012.
— 8 days ago

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Scott Rose

Scott Rose

Oh hell yes.

Suncé Winery & Vineyard

Capay Valley Vineyard Viognier 2017

John Howard

Surprised how good this is! Definitely not too sweet. We apparently like domestic viognier Hahahha — 12 days ago

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Stolpman Vineyards

Estate Grown Santa Ynez Valley Syrah 2009

Nose has ripe plum, milk chocolate powder, ripe blackberry, ripe black cherry, green pepper in muddy garden soil, decaying roses and over-ripe red cherries.

Palate has milk chocolate covered cherry, wet leather, warmed black licorice, charred wood, ripe plum, grippy tannins and a very long finish. Started out a little hot (14.5% ABV) after a 4 hour decant, but settled in nicely afterwards.

Last bottle of the 2009 vintage from a 6-pack purchased in Nov 2012. Anyone continuing to hold this in proper storage, may do do until 2025-30.
— 14 days ago

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@Severn Goodwin these old Stolpman syrahs are some of my favorite qpr wines, particularly the hilltops. Nice pull.