Domaine Roy & fils

Quartz Acorn Vineyard 2017

We took this bottle home from the tasting room several years ago and have been waiting for a good time to open. Wow! Definitely one of the best chards we’ve ever had. Bottle of the year at this point. — 11 days ago

Chelsey Werner
with Chelsey
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Chris Gorgone

Chris Gorgone

Nicely done sir. Glad you popped it versus waiting. Life is short!

Noël Bougrier

V Vouvray Chenin Blanc

Was looking for a better Chardonnay than the California style, which I have tired of and this vouvray was recommended. Well, I have to agree. This 2017 was opened April 2019 for pork tenders and baked acorn squash. It was dry, a bit of butter, definitely Peach but not at all sweet. I like the French chenin blanc and this definitely will do at this time ! — 3 years ago

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Bedrock Wine Co.

Evangelho Vineyard Heritage Zinfandel Blend

Binnys closeout. Paring with Kansas style bbq bone on country pork rib chops, acorn squash and collard greens. Wine is youthful vibrant and delicious. Savory balsamic fresh cedars notes decorate the jammy yet fleshy mild tannined fruits. — 4 years ago


Flora & Fauna Barbera Blend 2015

Such a great wine for the price, served with Agrodolce glazed grilled pork chops and brown butter sage acorn squash. A strong pairing for a fall day. — 5 years ago

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North Coast Brewing Company

Pranqster Belgian Style Golden Ale


Light haze to bright gold with a tinge of tangerine. Atmospheric and fast head forms and deconstructs in a swirl to cobwebs. Mantis lacing. Yeasty-brussel sprout-y, yam-earthy, baked orange, caramelized leek, and dried grapefruit savoriness to the rustic aromatics. Supple citrus blobs of soft orange and grilled lemon and grapefruit bob in a nutritional-yeasty soup of acorn squash and malty carrot, a nano pepper, and even less cedar or cinnamon bark. We would be splitting hairs to go further, but there are gingery spices and ginseng suggestions, ghosts of allspice and serpent breath. Pranq it up!
#northcoastbrewing #northcoastbrewingco #pranqster #belgianstylegoldenale #belgianstylebeer #beer #bier #birra #biere #cerveza
— 3 years ago

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@David Kline Cheers 🍻

De Ponte Cellars

D.F.B. Estate Melón Melon de Bourgogne 2016

16 is more tropical than I expected. Still has great acid and finish. Seared scallop, Acorn Squash Purée, Butternut Squash, Toasted Almonds, Aged Balsamic. Genius. Lot of talk today about how food and wine pairing is b.s....🤷‍♂️ I disagree. Strongly. Bigly. — 3 years ago

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Alegría Vineyards Sangiovese 2014

Excellent wine! Balance is right on. Cherry flavors, earthiness and medium body. I had it with eggplant parm and I was in heaven. Better than a lot of Italian versions that I had. — 4 years ago

Avery Brewing Company

Rumpkin Pumpkin Ale

Sediment rich auburn redhead. With orange-tinged crown, that shrinks to tiara to tonshu with a snap, leaving only a shrinking island across a flat, rusty pond. Drops of black molasses, cooked, glazed pumpkin, butternut and acorn squashes. Dark rum soaked Dutch chocolate and vanilla wafers and moist pineapple cake. Trifles sporting rum soaked berry and carry-overs of ripe peach and nectarine. Finally date roll, figs ginger, candied lemon peel and dark brown sugar to fill the nostrils with seasonal magicks. Actual pumpkin tastes here! Rich and filled with vanilla bean, Turkish delight, fig fillings, nutmeg, candied ginger, gingerbread in caramel and spiced rum, gin-raisins, coriander, allspice, coffee cremes, clotted cream, clove, just-burnt cinnamon candies, reduced cola, licorice, and orange liqueur with a touch of juniper. Strong, festive, outrageously alcoholic (17.5 abv) delightful, warming, singular and iconic. What’s NOT to like about pumpkin beers again? #Averybrewing #CObeer #Rumpkin #Averybarrelseries #barrelaged #oakaged #beer #bier #birra #ale #oakagedale #rumbarrelaged #abv #2016ale #Boulderbeer #BoulderCO #pumpkinbeer
— 3 years ago

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A - Block Alegría Vineyards 25th Harvest Zinfandel 2014

This is for the A-Block Zinfandel, spectacular. Real strong ripe fruit with nice structure. The best zin I have ever had. — 4 years ago


Río de Los Pájaros Reserve Tannat 2015

Nice dry red with a good tannin finish. Paired great with Llama steak and stuffed acorn squash. — 5 years ago