WeldWerks Brewing Company

Citra Extra Extra Juicy Bits

Ron R

Consistently, one of the top breweries in the US. Extravagant and sexy, yet supple and round. Nice citrusy finish - this is for real men only. — 2 days ago

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@Ron R Ron yes, Sounds great have a great weekend Cheers 🍻
Ron R

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@P A, cheers to you my friend 😀
Sharon B

Sharon B

That looks delicious!

Biscayne Bay Brewing Company

Tropical Bay IPA

Golden with amber suggestions. Glows, but oddly opaque. Poached egg foam topper that recedes to reverse galactic pointillism. Juicy nose of ripe pink grapefruit, mango, pineapple and Meyer lemon, lime zest, and peach blossom. Soft sweet grapefruit and it’s spongy pith keep the entry light on carbonated clouds with silver mineral. Orange peels back to reveal hidden lemon, lime zest, and grapefruit juices. The whole suggest a cool minerality. Best enjoyed in sunny south Florida in some less infectious future. Solid session ipa. .
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— 15 days ago

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Goose Island

Bourbon County Brand Stout 2016

2016 Bourbon County Stout. Congrats to my comrade in arms Jason Khoury and Tyler Slade for their next adventures! I remember we bought this at the beginning of our graduate career. Like our friendship, this beer as truly aged beautifully! — a day ago

Jason Khoury
with Jason
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Quilceda Creek

Washington Cabernet Sauvignon 2016

Every so often you encounter a wine from a familiar grape or from a familiar AVA that defies categorization. This is one of those wines. Mint, allspice, cinnamon, and wild blackberries on the nose—with just a hint of upland pine forests. The blackberry fruit I taste on the front of the tongue immediately transitions into a conveyor belt of sensations. Its medium-bodied tannic structure delivers high notes of vanilla and low notes of dark chocolate, and it finishes with the softness of milk chocolate—which would potentially be cloying, except it’s offset by some herbal high notes (maybe cumin?). This is a fabulously sophisticated wine. The mouthfeel reminds me of a Médoc from a good vintage year, but it’s sensorium is like no other Cab I’ve had. Really really lovely and unique! I was a fool not to buy a case of this
— 6 days ago

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California Chenin Blanc 2016

True guilty pleasure. A wine this inexpensive shouldn’t make me smile this much! Clean, crisp, dry, simple, simple fun... with or without food. Lemon-lime, a bit of funk, touch of wooly lanolin, nice acid still driving the fruit towards that wonderful, long, lingering finish. Tegan... full props for keeping this wine affordable if still impossible to find apart from the list. — 3 days ago

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Bryan Kesting

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Well said

Cigar City Brewing

Space Pope IPA

Über-bubble, if-just hazed, loose ocean foam, goes poof!, then just nebulae. Oily lacing of misfit moustaches. One swirl, though, and instant star nursery. Tangelo-lemon goodness blasts from the glass! Pure tropical mango from the tree. Grapefruit aspirations. Equally bright palate with the focus on a mineral-citrus that finds the perfect palatial trajectory, and sticks the landing on four hops. Namely, Mosaic for the baptismal tesserae, Citra for the gilded apse, Hallertau Blanc for the hallowed ground, and galaxy for the space between. Amen to the combo. Tartaric reverberations through a briny air, really quite evocative. This tastes the way Florida sometimes smells just after a rain. Tropical and saturated, but clean and spring-y. Jasmine, sweet grapefruit pith, lime and lemon. Really a great beer! .
#cigarcitybrewing #cigarcity #ccb #ccbspacepope #spacepope #mossichops #citrahops #Hallertaublanc #galaxyhops #hoppy #hops #beer #ipa #indiapaleale #bier #biere #birra #cerveza #cerveja #ale #flbeer #flabeer #Tampabeer
— 15 days ago

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@David Kline David great post Cheers 🍻

Barrell Bourbon

Barrel Strength Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Posted this one before but hey I post the same bottle of wine multiple times. This one has power. It gets you on the tip of the tongue and spreads from there. Long finish. — 18 days ago

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Au Bon Climat

"Isabelle" California Pinot Noir 2015

Part of their "Blue Series," Isabelle, named after the birth of Jim’s daughter in 1995, was first top end Pinot Noir that was a blend from different locations, 6 in 2015. Ruby, Aromas of berry fruits with citrus, herbs & floral notes, aged for 2 years in new French Oak. On the palate layers of gentle ripe fruit flavors of raspberry and cherry with citrus and oak wrapped in gentle spice. Wine has great depth, soft tannins, well integrated, savory, long ending with a nice mouthfeel. Very Nice! Last bottle! — 5 days ago

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Jacqueline Leonne

Méthode Champenoise Brut Champagne Blend

Paid $15 at total wine for a full bottle. A decent, American sparkling wine. Lighter in color than traditional French champagne and a bit more bubbly with a slightly tingly taste. Would get again, but would rather spend the $25 and get The French sparkling Chardonnay we tried instead. — 10 days ago

Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales

Gammaredux Ale

This a sour IPA from Jolly Pumpkin (but a collaboration with Monkish). Not an IPA fan myself, but this was really good. Downgraded my rating maily because of the huge amount of sediment this thing threw - made it a bit tough to fully enjoy. But, I still recommend it! — 5 days ago

Vanessa McCaffrey
with Vanessa
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