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Kanonkop Estate

Simonsberg Stellenbosch Pinotage 2013

Pinotage is a grape everyone loves to hate, but I think it has parts to love. Kanonkop makes an ambitious, bold showy wine that swings big, has to nail it, and mostly does. To me, the Pinotage tell is a thing of smoking wet tar and milk chocolate coffee sludge. That's here. Follows with black pepper, bourbon spice and a curious banana note which I think may just be oak and smoke stacked sideways. Then follow the dark fruits. Blue plums and blackberries, and an underlying mineral saltiness. There's lots here and lots to love. — 13 days ago

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Ely Cohn

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@Hugh O'Riordan the Sadie Family wines are incredible - all of them
Hugh O'Riordan

Hugh O'Riordan

Ely. I’ll check it out . Go to SA!!! Only problem it’s a long long flight . I wish it was closer . If your planning on going let me know. Birds, wine and good people. Hugh
Ely Cohn

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Will do - thanks Hugh!

Methode Sauvage

Bloom Phase Syrah Blend 2018

Bloom! Tasty and complex yet gluggable. Swings big for the price point. Cranberries, licorice, leather, earth with a slightly carbonic feel. Great with a little chill — 2 years ago

Stony Hill

SHV Napa Valley Chardonnay 2009

This wine playfully swings across my palate from the supple, round lows to the bright, angular highs. These Chardonnays are like that little child who quietly waits for the precise moment to tell their story, and when their words begin to flow, we find ourselves blissfully captivated amidst the twists and turns and realize that the story wouldn’t have been nearly so delightful had we rushed the speaker. — 2 years ago

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Tom Inners

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Love the notes!

Les Halos de Jupiter

Vacqueyras Red Rhone Blend

Quarantine materials ready. Creature comforts are getting me through this thing. Give me good coffee, pavement to pound, a pen that dances on the page, a worn notebook with still empty pages to fill, jazz weaving the air, and a bottle of wine, and I will kill all the time there is.

A magenta shawl in the glass.

Earth’s fragrance caught in a bottle. Sweet, sweet clay. Leather. Intense plums and orange zest. Sea breeze. This is a memorable and rich bouquet.

Subtle smoke quality reminiscent of the char in the bark of good brisket. A reserved dark fruit quality which is there, but just teases you as a spicy black peppercorn note swings in for a jab. It’s smooth.

An eloquence in the expression and structure. Like a mathematical proof or a line of poetry you cannot easily forget.

It slaps.
— a year ago

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Wrattonbully Tempranillo 2016

Nose says old but tongue says young. 2016 Tempranillo that swings down the palate with perfume and some peppery heels; touch of cardamom, little chocolate and a lick of tart cherry. — 2 years ago

Hugh McDonaldBob McDonald
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Bob McDonald

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Georgie my daughter pretty much covered the tasting note. A delicious well made new world Temperanillo showing cherries dark chocolate and pepper. Serve lightly chilled. I had another Delectable note on this a few weeks ago. Easy to drink.

St. Reginald Parish

The Marigny Super Deluxe Cuvee Oregon Pinot Noir

Was put off a bit by the Hype - or at least - probably gave it a hard time for the hype - but it’s great - little funk, relaxed, touch of ride symbol- it swings, no bebop crazy Miles shit, this is Coltrane Giant Steps - it moves — 2 months ago

Alexis Steinbach
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Yeraz Areni Noir 2012

2012 vintage, the first ever produced and it's spectacular. Areni grapes, from prephyloxera bush vines at extremely high altitude (1600 meters) with enormous diurnal temperature swings. For me Areni Noir feels like a hypothetical blend of Sangiovese and Pinot Noir, and this shows perfectly what this unique ancient grape variety is capable of. Impressive nose reminiscent of a great Brunello. Complex taste with ripe pomegranate fruit, red cherries, subtle spices and Chambolle-Musigny-like velvety tannins, with a lingering aftertaste. — a year ago

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Morlet Family Vineyards

En Famille Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir 2014

2014 vintage. Super perfumed nose that swings over to the flavors. Big plum, cherry, strawberry and raspberry creates a big mouthfeel but extremely polished finish. Gorgeous wine and almost too pretty for Callfornia juice. — 2 years ago

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